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high rated

We hope you are enjoying your diving experience as we come with another patch to mend those holes! Here's what came in with the latest update:

- fixed floating minerals in Dead Mines
- fixed a couple of texts not showing properly
- fixed a text showing that you need a pickaxe to obtain an item in the Adventure Pack (you start with all equipment tools)
- fixed a couple of items being out of reach for the player
- fixed colliders in Dead Mines, making swimming much easier

That's it! We're constantly working on improving the game, so if you happen to notice a bug or glitch, please do not hesitate to let us know by sending an e-mail to or by creating a thread here in the forums with a description of your problem.

With each new update we hope we are making the experience that much more better and pleasant for you guys! :)

Until next time everyone!
I appreciate the fast updates :)
We're looking after our players, that's all :)
Thats a great mindset :)