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We are nearly 24 hours from launching our Adventure Pack and we are bringing you a patch 1.17 that should fix a number of issues you have encountered during your playthrough. Take a look at what's no longer a problem:


- collecting items through walls - we've made sure that you no longer can pick up an object through walls in the two new DLC locations
- improved framerate in Dead Mines - a significant improvement in overall FPS throughout the level resulting in a much smoother experience
- fixed the text displaying wrong information (pickaxe) while playing on the Atlantis level
- fixed floating bubbles which now should display properly
- fixed a couple of floating objects
- fixed the item that is blocking the mine cart, should function properly upon destruction
- fixed a couple of items clipping into each other in Dead Mines
- fixed a couple of colliders not working properly in Dead Mines
- a potential fix to the crash when saving your options - thank you Zargothrax for reporting this one!
- fixed fulton interaction range - now you shouldn't be able to use the interaction from afar

We are still running tests, but if you happen to see a bug or you have unfortunately experienced an issue please let us know by either:
- creating a thread here in the forums and describing the issue
- sending an e-mail to, a description would be immensely helpful as well

Please, let us know if the new patch has enhanced your gaming experience and thank you for reporting these issues! You guys are the best!

Until next time everyone!