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Congrats on playing this highly under-rated game! Ready to have some fun? Read the game manual for more tips!

Screen Resolution
Look for a utility called nglide_config.exe that came with the download in the game folder on your hard drive. Run it to set the game-screen resolution to the native resolution of your monitor.

The game wasn't made for widescreen, so using that setting just stretches the image rather than give a wider field of view (though it also bestows your avatar with a rather prominent bust and bubble-butt, so some ppl might want widescreen anyways :)

I find using shift-lock to toggle combat just gets confusing, and you often need to run and jump while maneuvering which doesn't work well using the default settings. Instead, set keys to:
Movement directions - use arrow keys or numpad
Attack - left mouse button
Spell - right mouse button
Run - Shift
Walk - Ctrl
Jump - Space
Use - CR or 'E'
Look - Tab

Joystick]JoyToKey, which turns any controller into a 'keyboard joystick' highly recommended for these kind of games.

If you find the game too difficult (or too easy), you can slow it down or speed it up using the frame rate. Look in the 'Asylum' folder (Games > Deathtrap Dungeon > Asylum) and open the file called config.dat using Notepad. Edit the text FRAME_LOCK 16 to indicate some other number, then save and close Notepad... a setting of about 13 makes the game considerable easier while not slowing it down to the point of being unplayable. You can also adjust this setting between saves for particularly tough fights.

It is vastly important for your survival to learn the default action when you enter a new room should be Attack + Back Arrow (see combat defensive stance below), then rotate in place to pan the camera and look around. Only once you know you are safe go to 1st person view and come out of combat stance.

You can't move while in 1st person view. There isn't much you can do about this tbh, though sometimes the 3rd person camera will change positions when you switch. Otherwise, just try and move or rotate so the 3rd person camera view repositions.

Various key combos execute various style jumps depending upon your speed:
Speed = 1/4 (ie standing or moving slowly in any direction)
- Jump: executes a vertical jump in place, or climbs a wall if it is low enough.
- Jump + any direction key: executes a high jump+flip in the desired direction without changing your facing (Can clear low obstacles or level changes or even jump over enemies!)
Speed = 1/2 (walking speed).
- Up Arrow + Jump: makes a low long jump. Clears 1 'floor tile' horizontal distance.
Speed = 3/4 (initial running speed)
- Run + Up Arrow + Jump: makes a low running jump. Clears 2 'floor tiles' horizontal distance.
Speed = full (running speed after ~5 tiles)
- Run + Up Arrow + Jump: Clears 3 'floor tiles' horizontal distance + more if it includes a vertical drop.

Standing and back-flipping backwards gives you a lot of vertical height. Sometimes you can back-flip onto higher platforms you can't climb (example, the moving platforms in the King's chamber in the Quarry level).

Note that you can execute either a 'jump' or the 'operate' option while running (ie. you can pull a lever while running past it without stopping).
You can also run backwards, which is often a much better survival option that trying to turn around.

Combat is toggled: you are either in combat stance (with limited movement options) or standing ready (flexible movement but vulnerable). All 'run' or 'walk' movement options are disabled while in combat (exception, see bare-handed fighting below), though you can still jump forward, backward or even to the side in melee. Your default combat stance should be 'on the back-foot' (press down arrow while in combat). This helps minimize damage vs anything to your front, and allows you to pivot in place to face your enemy and readjust the camera angle.

Pressing and holding one of the directional keys or combos while in combat mode launches a continuous flurry of blows + moves you 1 step forward/backward, while pushing your enemy back. Attacking auto-targets whatever enemy is more of less to your front, and also auto-readjusts your facing to keep them centered as long as the key is held down (ie. tapping or releasing the key breaks-off auto-targeting).
- Up Arrow: two-handed overhead chops followed by a leaping finisher
- Right Arrow: a series of one-handed stabbing thrusts
- Left Arrow: two-handed side chops followed by a twirl-jump finisher (can take out multiple enemies in one chop if they are close together)
- Down Arrow: takes a defensive stance vs enemies to your front
- Down + R/L Arrows: pivot in place while in defensive stance... (changes facing much faster than the non-combat method)
- Left + Right Arrows - take a back-step while slashing to your rear (attack/drives-off an enemy behind you)
- Any direction arrow + Jump: executes a standing flip jump in the desired direction seamlessly between combat thrusts (can close/fall-back quickly without leaving combat)
Enemies display a variety of combat stances, so possibly your own attack stance makes a difference. Two-handed chopping attacks do ~50% more damage than the one-hand stabbing attack (verified on #hits required to take down snake women), though there might be other differences.

Choose which weapons, spells, or equipment are to-hand from your inventory using the F1-F4 and number keys. Some enemies have damage resistances, so pick your weapon/spell accordingly.

If you choose to fight bare-handed, it inflicts ~1/3 damage as the sword, though a Strength spell will change that!
- Up Arrow: handstand w/ back-kick + advance 1/2 step
- Right Arrow: headbutt + pushback enemy & advance a step
- Left Arrow: spinning kick in place
- Down Arrow: walk backwards

Casting a spell while in 'Look' mode (tab key) overrides auto-targeting (it is easy to miss a moving target). Fireball and Razor spells don't auto-target in 3rd person, so your intended target has to be both head-on and level.

You can only have maximum of 12 Fireballs, 5 Razors, 10 Bombs, 3 Strength, 5 Firefly, 1 Invisibility spells in your inventory at any one time. So if you are not picking up loot, it is probably because one of those slots is full.

Type in any of the following letter code(s) while playing:
elvis - bestows invulnerability
mmmmungo - adds strength
billy - increases speed
caffeine - adds 100 health
tools - adds full inventory
taxi - select level using the + and - keys
When new to the game, turning on the elvis cheat actually helped me master the quirky combat keystroke moves immensely. Then I turned it off and re-did the level properly without cheats.

Sinjin's Visual Deathtrap Dungeon Walkthrough (for PC)
Arkham Horror's Deathrap Dungeon play-through (PC)
The PS version of the game is quite different, so those walkthroughs won't help much.
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