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Is Co-op XP shared between characters? It feels like it is, but then the XP gauges and levels seem separate.

Are two keyboards supported? My co-op partner struggle with the controls on pad (Ended up misfiring quite a bit)

[Spoiler]We got to the point where we make our voice stronger, but we were only able to ask the Kraken about it after we threw in Fleshface. Was that a bug, or do you -have- to sacrifice Fleshface to get that ability?[/spoiler]

Does co-op inventory persist? Say I play together for a while, then the player rejoins some time later - Will they keep their inventory and skills, or do you have to reroll and whatever items they had are lost?
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That with Fleshface was necessary. (Apart from the possibility to kill Fleshkraken.)
Inventory of second player is saved.
Unfortunately it's not possible to use two mice/keyboards.