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I'll try to keep this updated.
The game itself will have the latest patch notes, too.

In Development - first release, 2021-08-05

- fixed missing crafting recipe for blips
- fixed crash related to having block item equipped
- fixed a crash during blind man quest
- fixes some text issues
- updated enhanced energy gun values
- fixed a few random crashes

- fixed not being able to use blips as pacifist
- fixed crash on menu due to some system languages
- fixed various random crashes
- small level design fix in Human Machine Workshop
- fixed some text issues

- fixed door in Puke Bar basement
- fixed a few issues with the vanish ability
- added UI message on trying lockpicking and missing a lockpick
- fixed revolver using wrong weapon skill
- fixed crafting recipe for blips missing on older save games
- fixed various random crashes
- fixed some headwear vanishing on dropping it
- minor level fix in Titan's Guts
- fixed some text issues

- updated main quest around Old Trees
- accessability: added keyboard only combat input scheme
- fixed a few quest and dialogue issues with priests around New Delphi
- added alternative way to get key in New Delphi
- fixed an issue with puke contest
- fixed blind man equipping gun on loading savegames
- updated blind man dialogue
- fixed A Fine Piece Of Meat quest not failing when NPC dies
- fixed door issues in dialogue
- fixed full item stacks removed instead of exact count when finishing quests
- fixed not being able to use vanish ability as pacifist
- fixed an issue with vanish ability while being in stealth
- fixed some text issues
- fixed stats selection possibly ignored when coming back from visual selection
- additional small bug fixes and framework additions

- fixed a few issues with Aksa and the main quest
- fixed a quest not updating on entering a location when it should
- fixed some issues with high priest in New Delphi
- fixed not being able to cancel backstabbing mouse commands
- fixed some scene clicks resulting in backstabbing command
- fixed some text

- fixed issues with backstabbing
- point and click attacks make better use of possible attack distance
- another fix for the high priest and the key
- co-op: fixed NPCs having problems using exits
- fixed mouse cursor not changing for a few cases
- fixed losing health on resetting stats
- clarified a tutorial message about automatically switching back to melee with mouse controls

- added attaching current game state to feedback form
- fixed a few crashes
- fixed tracking of previously selected multiple choice entries not getting saved
- co-op: fixed some multiple choice text entries breaking when second player joins dialogue
- fixed items sometimes being visible beneath a roof after loading save game
- fixed a few cases of missing localization text
- fixed multiple choice actions icons not appearing in German version
- additional framework changes for localization

- add user settings to optional save game data sent through feedback form
- fixed an issue with backstabbing
- fixed an issue with older save games not progressing at philosopher terminal
- make Aksa stand near terminal while investigating
- minor text fixes

- make permadeath only trigger when in physical world
- fixed using consumables through popup UI not checking for restrictions
- fixed price for item stacks at merchants being higher than price for same amount of single items
- fixed block tutorial persisting even after unequipping block item
- fixed a wrong animation state of the deconstructor
- fixed sprite issues with enhanced and pump action shotgun
- fixed another issue with the high priest
- fixed being able to buy a module from the barkeeper a second time
- fixed service items getting transferred to player inventory when using quick action button
- prevent shooting immediately after closing inventory (fix for custom button assignments)
- fixed a few text and localization issues
- fixed a few crashes
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements

- slightly increased movement speed
- updated rolling: changing distance, speed and i-frames
- decrease enemy hitstun resistance duration
- allow attack cancelling through block ability
- allow easier queueing of point and click command during attack
- updated possible character movement towards end of melee attack
- decreased forward momentum on melee attacks
- added some impact sounds for humanoid enemies
- fixed infinite gold exploit at highest bartering level
- fixed losing local map discovery state in some circumstance
- added explicit UI message when resources inventory is full on pickup
- fixed issues with health bars on large amounts of damage
- fixed issues with trail on deconstructor claw
- additional small bug fixes and improvements

- adjusted impact sounds from last update
- fixed being able to queue ability despite cooldown while rolling
- fixed an issue with sprite display direction of a few weapons in rest position
- fixed an issue with overview map and exits in New Delphi
- updated to Unity 2020.3.17f1
- updated InControl controller manager, increasing support for different types of controllers
- added a controller based option to close the controller testing screen

- rebalanced economy, bartering skill and a few combat values
- added getting experience points from usage of some non-combat skills
- using animalism and pickpocket on characters will get xp points otherwise gotten through combat
- clarified visuals on Fleshkraken cave exit
- clarfied visuals on Festering Gorge cave entrance
- fixed a few rough art patches in Old Trees and Puke Bar
- fixed UI communication on trying to pickpocket Aksa
- fixed melee forward movement for stealth situations
- fixed potentially getting directly teleported on world map from random encounter to anomaly
- fixed game not asking before quitting fully from world map

- add weapon skill info to weapon descriptions
- renamed ranged weapon skills to small and large firearms
- fixed an issue with using Animalism while having full inventory
- fixed situations where throwing items or other actions could lead to duplicate items
- co-op: fixed a crash on triggering end game screen a second time
- added preliminary death animation state for Sleeping Titan and Oracle
- fixed audio issue with dead Fleshkraken and dead sleeping titan
- updated feedback form, added more info, added possibility to add contact info
- additional small bug fixes and improvements

- co-op: fixed an issue that could prevent second player from progressing in dialogue
- co-op: fixed some visual issues on second screen
- fixed situations on world map where player position could be stuck
- fixed a locked door in underground Old Trees
- fixed stepping values of audio slider
- framework: updated text import / export for future feature
- framework: added support for multiple fonts for future feature
- additional small bug fixes

- co-op: use left-aligned full UI on second screen for dual screen co-op mode
- co-op: fixed starting with black screen when enabling dual screen co-op mode from main menu etc.
- co-op: fixed a few UI issues when switching between different modes
- co-op: block talking to NPC for player B when player A is in merchant interaction with NPC
- fixed a few issues in Titan's Heart
- a few small dialogue changes and fixes throughout the game
- fixed missing skull item description
- allow binding right mouse button to rolling
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements

- added protection against corrupted save game due to crashing while saving
- added handling of corrupted save game headers
- updated stats of pilgrims in New Delphi
- fixed not being able to use flame thrower with shooting bound to keyboard key
- fixed item stacks potentially increasing on loading save game
- fixed a few problems with inventories and UI when item was placed in wrong inventory
- fixed a potential crash on application loading screen
- added user option for font override
- added user option for direct movement angle calculation
- fixed some cases of text not getting updated on language override
- localization: removed some obsolete text entries
- additional small bug fixes and framework additions

- map overview: improve point and click walk commands with cursor change, showing target walk position and closing map on clicking outside area
- map overview: improve switching between map, inventory and standard screen
- added more variation to ranged combat NPCs positioning while they reload
- fixed Transhumanism achievement not immediately triggering when using drag and drop for equipping
- fixed an issue with showing negative values in item description
- fixed a few collider throughout the game
- localization: added a few missing text entries
- localization: fixed some text entries not getting updated on dynamic language override
- additional small bug fixes

- added mouse tooltips to map overview
- fixed mouse click to world position conversion on map overview
- adjusted show duration of scene text through actions
- sort list of fast travel options by world position
- fixed a potential crash during loading
- small level design fix in QueensPalace
- localization: updated a few text entries
- localization: fixed some text entries not getting updated on dynamic language or font override

- updated standard font to be compatible with a few more languages
- enable localization mods by default and pick one as current language if language isn't set through options
- added travel points to New Delphi
- set weapon skill of submachine gun to small firearms and updated visuals
- fixed a crash on clicking map overview in levels with empty map overviews
- more error handling regarding save games
- localization: updated some entries and added a few missing ones
- additional small bug fixes and improvements
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high rated
- fixed some melee weapon speed descriptions
- fixed a potential quest softlock in New Delphi
- adapted blind man quest out-of-order solution
- map overview: for input type "hold pressed" fixed audio spam
- localization: removed some obsolete text entries and assets
- localization: updated some entries and added a few missing ones
- localization: fixed some UI issues
- additional small bug fixes and improvements

- placed preliminary player storage object in Tauris, New Delphi and Puke Bar
- fixed a case of an enemy group prematurely trying to end combat
- fixed an issue with interacting with Bleeding Head Oracle
- updated settings menu UI
- fixed text overflow issues in quests and knowledge windows
- fixed some text
- localization: updated lots of UI elements to be compatible with text spanning multiple lines
- localization: updated some entries, removed a few unused ones
- additional small changes

- fixed a few issues with the new player storage
- updated level layout for Crossroads
- improved map communication and trigger for Crossroads being a world map blocker
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements

- added new enemy to encounters in south east
- added knife weapon to starting area
- updated cursors on world map, improved communication through tutorials and item placement
- updated UI for special terminals in Puke Bar and Old Trees
- removed redundant Bits and Bytes quest, updated related achievement to get triggered by just visiting locations
- updated entrance in Old Trees
- set Glutt's damage type to sharp
- fixed buttons in settings menu occasionally not reacting to click
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements
Post edited October 17, 2021 by Stephan Hövelbrinks
high rated
- added possibility to enter wasteland from anywhere on the world map
- smoothened collisions when rolling against or touching other characters
- added level optimizations that fix collider situations where player could get stuck in some corners
- fixed loading optimization not getting applied to later levels like Puke Bar and New Delphi
- added small animation for items getting picked up
- fixed occurences of procedurally generated levels not having any character placed
- fixed a potential issue on world map where encounters skipped individual range checks
- fixed an issue of zero damage getting shown on player death when health was near zero
- fixed a potential crash on Fleshkraken ending dialogue
- fixed a door issue in Old Trees
- small game feel additions for a few UI actions
- updated a few UI elements to better fit different text lengths through localization
- fixed a few UI components on dynamically changing language and font settings
- fixed a few issues with UI notifications on getting items
- fixed mouse cursor not changing during loading screen
- updated some localization entries
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements
high rated
- added kneel animation for some player character actions
- make crafting quest also trigger on trying to deconstruct items
- allow continuing manual mouse movement when opening map overview
- updated visuals of fast travel marker
- updated mutant attack animations
- updated Fleshworm attack and hit animations
- added idle animation for flesh maggots
- updated item icon for crafting knowledge
- fixed some issues on the world map
- small level design fixes
- updated munition count in tutorial hub
- fixed a crash on using quick action button on terminals in Old Trees and Puke Bar
- updated some localization entries
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements

- barrels can contain loot now
- show quest update notification for individual tasks
- fixed quest not getting updated when losing quest items
- fixed not getting combat experience through minions
- fixed not getting experience when leading enemy through mine
- fixed not getting experience for enemies killed by exploding mutants
- improving handling of loading some invalid user data
- fixed a random crash happening mostly on boss fights
- fixed a few UI issues due to dynamic font changes
- dimmed hit marker on glancing attacks
- use kneel animation when equipping implants
- small level design fixes
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements

- fixed saving in world map desolation leading to broken save game
- disable dialogue action of NPCs in combat (e.g. accidentally talking to blind man)
- don't make companion interrupt player dialogue or scene interaction when companion is in combat
- fixed combat behavior of bots in mine level
- co-op: fixed mouse cursor position when playing as mouse player on second screen
- co-op: disable second screen toggle if second screen was activated; added info that deactivation needs a game restart
- fixed some UI issues due to dynamic text lengths
- fixed issues with metal gate colliders
- fixed walk cursor display having wrong pixel offset
- fixed some minor issues with some scene assets
- added code to handle explored state of an area in save games on entering a resized area (for future content changes)
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements

- expanded world map in preparation for future content
- fixed inconsistencies on combinations of focus highlighting individual objects and highlighting all
- fixed inconsistencies of focus highlighting in shared co-op screen
- fixed large performance impact when using highlight all
- fixed pathfinding issues on low framerates
- fixed pathfinding issue on alt-tabbing out and in to paused application
- fixed item descriptions potentially breaking when split into two columns
- fixed issues with using the space key on the world map
- co-op: fixed pointer towards other player potentially obscured by level elements
- fixed a few small level design issues
- adding game state data to sending script error reports
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements

- added blocker location on the way from Puke Bar to New Delphi
- make NPCs react to a few events like hitting objects
- make enemies react to doors getting opened near them
- updated NPCs following waypoints and pausing on waypoints
- fixed a few situations of NPCs walking into spikes
- fixed world map encounter being spawned in impassable terrain
- make player character a full pathfinding blocker during dialogue; fixes blind man trying to walk through player towards lever
- updated energy bar UI
- added max keyword to stats display if level is at max
- fixed text cursor potentially remaining in scene on switching input
- improved performance in Glutt boss fight
- additional framework improvements
high rated
- added new infection value which increases through actions like using implant abilites and eating meat, has negative impact on high values, and gets cleansed by puking
- updated a few items related to this new system
- minor update to tutorial area for this
- removed old energy system for abilities and related terminals
- added another location to south east
- allow buying equipment items more than once, but add marker for owned weapons and equipment
- hide stamina bar in combat mode when full
- fixed being able to drop items into walls with mouse controls
- on loading level make sure all lootable items are reachable
- fixed some door issues
- updated spikes collider
- small level design and asset improvements
- fixed a crash due to pooled objects being reused when not fully initialized
- co-op: share experience points from consumables and skill usage
- co-op shared camera: fixed awkward moment on unlocking tutorial bypass
- co-op shared camera: disallow using point and click commands on map overview
- fixed buttons being too large on high display resolutions
- fixed a few issues with language mod handling
- updated both controller plugins, adding support for more variants
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements

- updated effects on higher infection: not as lethal, and leading to forced puking eventually
- make Occultism correctly increase max possible infection value
- disallow eating meat when at full infection
- improved a few elements in the Little Pests quest
- fixed potential issues with force triggering puke on player character
- fixed potential infinite booze handout through random puke bar guest
- fixed equipment slots not being able to use with mouse when cancelling equipment slot selection
- prevent equipping the same implant twice
- fixed clicking on currently executed scene action restarting the action
- co-op: fixed players not getting downed by exploding mutants
- small update to icons for unusable items and already owned items
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements

- fixed humanoid corpses occasionally getting shown with wrong sprite for one frame when looting them
- fixed a few situations with looting and moving item stacks when inventory or storage is almost full
- fixed consuming item through inventory removing count from last stack instead of focused stack
- when inventory gets sorted, also sort stack counts
- fixed issue with automatic rifle enemy behavior
- fixed some small content issues
- multiple performance improvements
- framework: updated audio plugin
- framework: updated handling of local characters in save games for better compatibility with level design changes
- additional bug fixes and UI improvements

- added more player character portraits
- updated some dialogue
- fixed effects from infection potentially permanently stuck on player character
- added some props for the target practicing bots in Godhunters Prison and fixed some visual issues with the bots
- fixed a few situations of logic triggers potentially not getting executed, and specifically for unlocking world map progress on Crossroads and The Maw
- fixed a few bugs when switching UI while equip or unequip of implants is in progress
- fixed not naming specific inventory on being full when looting from container
- updated UI for player messages
- fixed a few UI actions (e.g. looting) triggering multiple sounds

- fixed Fleshworms getting spawned multiple times on reloading levels
- fixed a cause for multiple potential crashes when entering other worlds
- co-op: improved checking for and removing items from inventory during dialogue
- small UI and usability improvements
- added feedback button (F1) to key bindings

- fixed input delay on beginning targeting with throwable items
- show visual display for blip range while targeting
- adjusted blip range
- added numbers to visual character creation
- co-op: fixed a cursor issue showing skill check values etc. from other player
- show UI message when enemy avoided a stun
- fixed tutorial message for throwing items ending prematurely
- UI refinements for dialogue
- fixed some sounds being heard irregardless of distance to them
- fixed a few achievement issues when continuing savegame from demo
- fixed some exits in lower dungeon shown as "to world map" on map overview
- fixes button heights in settings menu on high resolution display
- fixed quest update message potentially being shown when already dead
- made lever for leaving Mine 19 more obvious
- fixed a player character head
- fixed some text
- reduced graphics memory usage
- fixed some memory leaks
- additional bug fixes and framework improvements
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