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Please, Stephan, include voice acting, games feel lifeless without it.

And thanks for a potential indie-masterpiece.
Post edited August 07, 2021 by Bearprint
I think it would be great if the game had a bit voice acting in there, e.g. the first sentence / words in a conversation.

But unfortunately this is out of scope right now still for our small team and budget. Maybe we'll have a chance to revisit later, but I also don't want to promise too much, so it's best to expect it will keep being like this.
Personally, I really like the atmosphere even without any voice acting. The writing, art and audio design are already great and I feel like adding full or partial voice acting on a lower budget might run the risk of ending up with mediocre voice acting - which usually does more harm than good, in my opinion.

That being said, maybe it would be doable to add some unintelligible noises to... erm... flesh out the environment on the audio side? Like, have friendly NPCs do a little harumph or something when you initiate a conversation, have humanoid enemies yell angrily when they attack you (and do a death rattle when you kill them)...

I think some older games (Baldur's Gate / Neverwinter Nights, IIRC) also just played random, unintelligible noises of people talking or yelling in the distance as an ambiance track, to suggest that NPCs just off-screen are interacting with each other in inhabited areas.
Post edited August 07, 2021 by Exsurgent
Unintelligible voices could be a good way to add more personality. We had this in mind as a possibility and will probably test this out during the in development phase.