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After completing the demo i've purchased the full early access game
but can't find hot to move my demo saves there. It would be a waste to go trough 2 hours of gameplay again
Ive found demo saves ( AppData\LocalLow\Crafting Legends\Death Trash\UserData_Demo_Anonymous )
but where is full game saves located?
This question / problem has been solved by Stephan Hövelbrinksimage
I assume this individual case might already be solved through another channel.

But a bit of info for everyone reading:

Upon playing the demo and then afterwards the full version, the game should ask you about importing the save games on first start. If it doesn't it might be because the demo was played as a standalone version but the full game was started through the Galaxy Client. Will add a fix for that in the future.

The game data files are at these locations:

%UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Crafting Legends\Death Trash
~/Library/Application Support/Crafting Legends/Death Trash
~/.config/Crafting Legends/Death Trash

And a sub directory for specific versions e.g. the GOG full version, will be created on saving the game the first time.