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Having finished the demo (On easy), I'm left with mixed feelings and wanted to share feedback and thoughts so far.

1. Combat feels very chaotic:
Seems like the only way to fight is to get a lucky backstab in and then run in circles while taking potshots at enemies.
The roll is a great idea, but in practice it's hard to tell if you can get a hit in before you get smacked. It also feels like it takes too much stamina for how much you have to do it.
I'm not really sure how well suited the system would be to a potential boss fight.

2. Sneaking isn't viable:
This is an extension of the previous, but due to the chaotic nature of how the enemies move / turn around and their alertness rising rather quickly, it feels like I have to rush for a backstab before combat and that's it. The other use is stealing things in neutral areas.
I also don't feel like there's enough time to pickpocket and then backstab someone, it's kind of an either or thing.

3. Lockpick / pickpocket feels unrewarding:
I'm going to echo what other people said in reviews and say that I don't think I've ever found anything worthwhile by hacking (high tech or regular) or stealing.

4. Currency doesn't fit:
This is a very minor gripe, but maybe just use teeth as a currency? That way it would fit the setting more and you could have an NPC that bashed his teeth out to buy ciggies or something.

5. Highlight all co-op struggle (Bug):
There seems to be no way to enable highlight when player 1 is using a controller and player 2 is using the keyboard - It won't stick.

6. Gamepad controls feel off:
Admittedly this is down to familiarity, but it seems way too easy to misfire or hit an NPC by accident

I like the idea and the audiovisual side of it, but based on the demo I don't think I would purchase the full game at this point. I do hope the game succeeds, though - There's a Fallout-adjacent hole in my heart, waiting to be filled with a great game.
Post edited August 18, 2021 by Balduranne
Thanks so much for writing your feedback down. I appreciate you taking the time for it.
We'll keep the demo updated up to release. Maybe around release you'll give it another chance and see if it's a better fit or mix for you then.