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Will you be able to befriend some kind of the machines, or will have no choice but to fight them in the war? Only superorganic krakens are allowed to have friends? :sadface:
Well, technically, the Fleshkraken's new friend is a machine. So machines do get to have friends in the game ;)
The friend of my friend is.. my friend, huh? Nice. I just hope it will not be like Terminator, Matrix or Mass Effect 1 where Machine are Bad (usually because organic races messed up in the first place) but I feel devs want to play with tropes. In demo the organic.. flesh around you does not strike me as inherently evil (except maybe mutants) and you have very not Cthulhu-like Kraken... (or Organic megastructure Bloom from Numenera) but I could be wrong. XP