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I'm just curious of what versions of this game there are
I bought this in a bargain bin in a dutch game shop a few years ago but couldn't resist buying it when i saw it on GOG, are these textures only in the Russian version or am i better off just installing the CD version again?
Anyway thanks to the guy that posted the mod since i'll definitely be using it.
Goopydop: This is what it looks like for me. Maybe it's just a case of there not being a detailed enough walkthrough on how to use it? This is all I get when I run the unpacker in the Death To Spies folder and there is no option to open the vfs files or anything. I tried dragging the files into the unpacker window,.. I tried opening the vfs files with the unpacker... nothing.
Three years later, I have this problem too.

Cannot anyone post the addon in its already fully installed form?