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So happy to see this remarkable piece of art to finally be available on
Same here.

I was intrigued by the game a few years ago when it launched on Steam. However there's no way I'm ever going back to DRM subscription services

What we need now is a dedicated Linux version. (Now that's an idea dev's).
It was already sold drm-free for almost nothing in a bundle few years ago.

$10... It's expensive for this game, and the OST is not included. And this LM Edition adds almost nothing to the game.
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Love the game, always thought it was a work of art, just not for everybody. However, I am unclear what makes this a Landmark Edition? Does anyone actually know?
rtwjunkie: what makes this a Landmark Edition?
Written on its gamepage:
Unity engine,
full audio remaster,
Directors' Commentary mode
I can not find EN subtitles in this GOG version. A version I used to play a few years back used to had them. am I missing something?
Have been waiting for this for quite awhile now and I enjoyed this game immensely.
I'm kind of new to many of these games and kind of old playing them, however, I like this Dear Esther game, but there appears to be no information regarding saving the action at any point, or whether you can grab things along the way. If anyone would be nice enough to help, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!
I honestly hate the term "walking simulator", and I hate it even more that a piece of art such as Dear Esther is "responsible" for that.

Thiis is art. Sorry.

Video games shouldn't be "safe" from it. Some of us like this more than "Tolkien simulators", like Baldur's Gate or most of the Dungeon & Dragons games (or D&D, in general).

I'm so glad GOG got this!