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I finally got my controller working on deadly premonition!
Long story short, I had the weird Joystick glitch, were all my buttons worked, but my character would not walk properly nor could I aim or look.

Unfortunately, this ‘fix’ requires you to have steam installed, I’ve seen some steam-less tips work for others (remove Dpfix, reinstall drivers, use x360 controller, ds4 windows use remapping software, etc) But none worked for me

But, you could make a free throwaway account, as all we’ll need is any steamInput supported game or demo.


This guide will show you how to replace a steam game/demo with a launcher that allows you to run any game with steam input, remote play ETC.

But, if you don't mind moving your game files, and don't care about having an extra launcher for one game, you really could just download a demo, delete the files, and install Deadly Premonition in the same folder, renaming DP.exe to the demo's name, But I think that's a bit messier, (especially if you want to be able to play some GOG game via remote play in the future.) so I'll be showing the launcher method instead.


Step 0: with your controller connected, boot up the launcher, and make sure your game is set to controller mode.

Step 1: Download the game/demo, I’d recommend something small, for this guide I’m using the demo for “Just King”, as it’s just over 100mb, it downloads fast,

Step 2: ‘Remote Play Detached’ From Github, at the time of writing, the latest version is 0.4.1, get the .exe file from the releases page.

Step 3: Locate your install folder from the game/demo, [right click] →manage → ‘Browse local files’
This will open the game folder, now you just need to find the main EXE for the game/demo.
For ‘Just King’ this will be “King”, rename this to whatever you want, I’ll make it “king1”

Step 4: Copy the “RemotePlayDetatched” file we downloaded, into the game/demo folder,
And now rename it to the OLD name the game/demo’s main EXE had.
So I’ll be renaming ‘RemotePlayDetached’ to ‘King’

Step 5: Make sure you’re controller is being handle directly through steam.
Steam→ settings >controller>general controller settings.
And select “configuration support” for whatever controller you’re using,
such as “Xbox configuration support” for an xbox controller, or “Playstation configuration support” for a ps4 controller, etc

Step 6: Find Your game/demo in your games list, [Right Click]→properties→ Controller and make sure “override for…” is set to “enable steam input”

Step 7: Launch your game/demo via steam, and if all went well you should see a ‘Remote Play detached’ pop-up. Click ‘import’ then ‘file explorer’, and browse to your game (I’d recommend browsing to DP.exe instead of the launcher, to load the game faster) and click ‘select’
and type “Deadly Premonition” in the ‘name’ box, then press ‘OK’ to save

Step 8: Click ‘run’ in ‘Remote Play detached’ next to “Deadly Premonition” to start the game,
next press [Shift] + [tab] to open the steam overlay, and click controller configuration.
This will pop-up a new window, in this window, click ‘browse configs’→templates → [Show other controller types] → Gamepad with camera controls → OK. Then you’ll see a preview, and click [apply]. If you’d like you could remap your controller, here, but for now I’ll just click ‘done’

TADA! You should now be able to use any steam compatible controller in Deadly Premonition!

[Edit: While the controller works, the right stick has it';s axis swapped, (up /down move make you look left/right), I'll have to look in to fixing that,]
Post edited August 30, 2022 by bobdotexe