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This seems to be a known and common bug: After finishing Episode 2 Chapter 9 (First visit in the Art Gallery) a cutscene is played after leaving the building. After that the game crashes. Sadly I saved exactly before that Cutscene so it seems my savefile is now corrupt, since no matter what I do it keeps crashing (I tried: different compatibility modes; start as admin; fullscreen/windowed; with/without DPFix; reboot; update all drivers; replaying Chapter 8 (but it doesnt let you save again in replays). What should I do? I dont wanna play through all that stuff again from the star damit! Help me out here, please!
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Have you taken backups of your save files? You really should as this game is extremely buggy.
You may have to start from the beginning, or get someone's else save file.

For future reference: [url='s_Cut]'s_Cut[/url]
Windows 98 compatibility mode worked for me. I'm on Win 10.
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(Bumping this for good reason even years later)

Well... There is this "chance" to have your save data getting corrupt during the cutscene at the start of chapter 9 for years apparently, leading to permanent CTD trying to resume the game later on.

It happened to me as well, I could find no working fix apart from starting over or using the popular replacement save available online but it had like 1 side mission finished and 3 cards, when I had so much progress lost...

I bothered myself for hours catching up again, and I am now sharing with the community my own save file, with about everything done up to chapter 9 and a save right past the problematic cutscene in front of the Muses Gallery.

Missing only AFAIK : Most radio locations.

How to use : Download the file, unzip it and copy "dp.sav" to your own game savedata folder.

Further advices : This game is a nightmare port, it is extremely prone to crashing so save and backup your save often! When a specific cutscene causes a crash at every try, when possible smoke a cig ingame to pass some time, it can help out of crashing.
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Bumping an old thread, but just recently got interested in this game and unfortunately ended up with the same problem.
After I tried various solutions, can confirm that this one worked:

[code]Temporarily change compatibility settings for *both* executable files:
DP.exe + DPLauncher.exe

Compatibility mode:
Windows 98/ME

Reduced color mode (16bit)
Run in 640x480 screen resolution
Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
Run this program as an administrator[/code]

Then I did run the game through DPLauncher.exe and after selecting Resume, rapidly pressed Esc until cutscenes were skipped. Now the game surprisingly loaded without crashing and I was able to save manually again.
After saving (on the parking lot) all seems to be good and compatibility mode is no longer needed in executable files.

(Running Win10, DPFix was enabled)
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Mjex: Windows 98 compatibility mode worked for me. I'm on Win 10.
Yes you saved me it worked