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I really love this game, but I, and many other people, have had a lot of problems getting it to run. I found solutions from multiple sources and thought it might be nice to have them all in one spot. Side note, I'm running Windows 10.

The errors I received most often are "DP.exe has stopped working" and freezing when I looked at the side quest list or before a cut scene. The fixes I found follows:

1. Right click on DPLauncher.exe in the program directory and go to properties and under compatibility and select "run this program as administrator". This is because it will need to run DP.exe in compatibility mode.
Right click on DP.exe and select "run as administrator" (I'm not actually sure if this was necessary).

2. Also select for DP.exe "Run this program in compatibilty mode for:" and select *either* "Windows 98 / Windows ME" or "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

This is also where my problems diverged from most I found online. Sometimes DP would work in one mode and then start crashing. Then I would switch between the two, and then that mode would work for awhile. As an example, in Chapter 6 I tried both modes. *Only* XP worked. Around chapter 11, I had to switch to 98 after repeated DP.exe error in the same place. So switching back and forth may be a strategy you need to use too.

3. You also may need to reboot your computer.

One DP.exe crash I had was solved by *neither* of these. But I had to reboot my computer and that worked.
Thank you for help..

it's a shame that the studio didn't put more "love" into this PC version....At least we can try to run this game on our PC.
Different games like deadly premonition are so important for me .. in this sea of usual "open world" games....
thanks again !