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I cannot figure out how to get the camera to stop spinning when I get to the first real screen of the game. I have been able to use my logitech gamepad for this game before but for the life of me I can't suss out a solution to this problem anywhere. I have the dpfix installed but I have no idea how your supposed to edit the dpkeys file to alter the gamepad controls. I can't find any profiles for joy2key or anything of that nature as well which shouldn't be necessary since I have used this controller before without needing that program. I am just at a loss.
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I second this thread: have the same problem with camera spinning left to right all the time even if I don't touch the controller.

My controller setup is a PS4 controller, with DS4Windows to make it register as a 360 controller.

Sure would appreciate if someone knows how to un-spin the camera, as I can't play this at the moment!