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I have found exactly one instance of this even being discussed, which was on a steam forum thread from FIVE years ago, and had been responded to by a dev and then had never actually gotten answered or fixed.

I come here partly because GOG is supposedly the platform releasing actually patched and functional older games and ports, unlike Valve which is a real shady PoS. I was looking forward to trying this game in spite of the bad reviews but this is no mere error. I have no way of windows keying or ctlr alt dlting out, it simply disables my ability to do anything and leaves me screen with the floating input error. I have no way of playing the game and I have to manually force shutdown my computer just to do anything about it.

Is there even any kind of fix to this? I can't figure out what's doing it or where or what in any config files should be changed. I'm rather disappointed that my first real foray into GOG was almost immediately met with a broken computer freezing piece of crap that has no answers. I can find nothing anywhere on how to fix this issue and am thinking about asking for a refund tomorrow. Sadly.