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First off, I was stoked that GOG gave this away during the last promo, so thank you. That said, I was really looking forward to playing it but the display settings are busted if you use an ultrawide monitor.

In the Display Settings there are 2 ultrawide settings (2560x1080 in my case), but when selected it appears to chop off the top of the screen (as if it's still in the 16:9, and instead of stretching the image it crops it). On the Main Menu the Is this just how the menu looks, or will playing the game like this hide things on the top & bottom of the screen?

I've attempted to figure this out myself, and when investigating the body at the top of the walkway during the first "puzzle" at the very beginning of the game the picture that came up on the screen was half cut-off by the top of my monitor. I tried to rectify this by starting over, only to discover that it's a persistent save, and there's apparently no way to start over short of reinstalling the game... But when I did go back to that area with the 16:9 ratio on the level appeared taller (albeit with all of the lines and text appearing fuzzier because they were stretched out).

Lemme know when they patch this, because I would like to play it. I can't do that at the moment.

(Sorry for the janky screen phone shots; Galaxy can't screen cap the game & Win10 only gave me black screens.)
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According to you have to correct FOV to play the game in Ultra widescreen. Read here.
dr.schliemann: According to you have to correct FOV to play the game in Ultra widescreen. Read here.
Oh, this is a great resource. Thanks.

I would still like them to fix the resolution they have ostensibly provided in-game, though...