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It seems there is a bug in 1.1 that causes the first enemy in the first combat to simply not do anything, stopping you from progressing.
It was mentioned on steam forums, and one of the devs said a hotfix was rolled out. When can we expect this fix for the GOG version?
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thx for the info of an upcoming hotfix, when ever it may come. its occures right at the begin of the combat, enemy or not. That bug drives me nuts..

out of the steam-forum:

RenardB [Entwickler] Vor 15 Stunden [17.06. ca 1:30]
It's already there if you use GOG Galaxy, we pushed it at the same time than the steam one. The version name is 1.1p1
If you use the offline installers, it may take a bit more time (these are done by the GOG team).
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This bug occurs during a little into the tutorial mode. I restarted the whole game twice to see if I'd pass that fight through dumb luck and it freezes there every time. Only way around it is to play normal mode without the tutorial or download the hotfix.