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Hello survivors!
As we know you guys can have many questions about Dead In Vinland, we made this little FAQ! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any other question!

General Info

Q: Where to find us on Social media?
A: Here are all the places where you can find us!
Official Website
Discord Server

Q: What platform is Dead In Vinland available?
A: For now, Dead In Vinland is available on PC and Mac. Other platforms might be announced later.

Q: Will there be a demo version,
A: Yes! We'll announce it very shortly.

Q: Will there be additional content?
A: We would love to, but we have nothing to announce for now.

Q: Does the game have multiplayer features?
A: No, the game is solo-only. However, you can ask your kids/wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/cat/penguin to help you survive in the game.

Q: Other languages...?
A: We're going to set up a way for the community to help us with the translation! You can come to our Discord Server ( to discuss about that with us!


Q: I have found a bug, what can I do?
A: Please come to our Discord Server ( so we can take care of your issue :)

Q: This game is hard/I'm stuck/What can I do?
A: Don't panic! You can come to our Discord Server ( where the devs or the players will happily help you!

Q: I have found many useful things on the game, what can I do to help the players?
A: You have several options:
You can come to our Discord Server ( and help the players!
There's a Gamepedia page for the game so you can contribute to it!

Q: Can I monetize videos of Dead in Vinland?
A: Yes, you don’t need to request written permission from CCCP to create such videos.
Note that we reserve the right to update this policy without notice or liability.

Q: I didn’t play Dead in Bermuda, will I still be able to play Dead in Vinland?
A: Absolutely. Even if we have a backstory that ties those two games together, you don’t need to play DiB to understand DiV.
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