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I've bought the FF DLC and so I'm on the latest patch version but some versions ago already I ran into this problem: when I'm in the game and press F12, I get a message window popping up in the lower right of the screen stating that my screenshot has been saved immediately followed by another window stating it could not be saved. When I check the folder

c:\Users\MyUsernameHere\Documents\GOG Galaxy\Screenshots\Dead Cells\

there are files that don't look like '2019-03-29_1117_1.png' but like this: '2021-02-12_1925_1.png.tmp'. The funny thing is, when I rename them to png the files are okay and can be opened. So how come, GOG Galaxy 2.0.35 Hotifx on Windows 10 cannot rename the files properly when writing the tmp files to the harddrive works just fine?
Post edited February 16, 2021 by KoronisRift