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Using Fedora 36, GNOME 42.1 with Wayland. The controller is not detected.

This problem does NOT occur on Xorg after deleting the LibSDL file, a fix which has been discussed in this forum before. So I know the kernel/system is detecting my controller and the inputs work fine.

If I try deleting the LibSDL file (which enables my controller in Xorg) then the game doesn't launch at all in Wayland.

"So why not just run GNOME in Xorg?" - It introduces its own issues with fullscreen that don't happen on GNOME.

So, basically put, there are four possibilities here:

1) Gnome on Wayland with LibSDL file: no controller support.
2) Gnome on Wayland with no LibSDL file: game doesn't launch
3) Gnome on Xorg with LibSDL file: no controller support.
4) Gnome on Xorg with no LibSDL file: fullscreen doesn't work.

I have tried to launch the game in Wayland with no LibSDL file in the terminal running - there are no error messages or anything out of the ordinary - the program simply crashes.

As you can see there's really no way to play this game - either I play on Wayland and have no controller support, or I play on Xorg and my fullscreen is bugged which forces me to play windowed.

Obviously neither of these are acceptable.

What are my options?
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