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So, I died and the game was loading, and loading, and loading, then it became a small window and stayed there, not responding. I had to kill the game, but I can't continue that slot anymore, as the same thing happens again whenever I try to load that save slot. What do I do now?

Null access
Called from pr.Infection.updateMobSpawningRule (pr/Infection.hx line 292)
Called from pr.Infection.update (pr/Infection.hx line 76)
Called from mt.$Process._update (/home/gitlab-runner/haxeTools/extraLibs/mt/Process.hx line 262)
Called from mt.$Process._update (/home/gitlab-runner/haxeTools/extraLibs/mt/Process.hx line 269)
Called from mt.$Process._update (/home/gitlab-runner/haxeTools/extraLibs/mt/Process.hx line 269)
Called from mt.$Process.updateAll (/home/gitlab-runner/haxeTools/extraLibs/mt/Process.hx line 223)
Called from Boot.update (Boot.hx line 667)
Called from hxd.App.mainLoop (hxd/App.hx line 161)
Called from Boot.mainLoop (Boot.hx line 672)
Called from hxd.$System.mainLoop (hxd/System.hl.hx line 70)
Called from hxd.$System.runMainLoop (hxd/System.hl.hx line 127)
Called from haxe.$Timer.~delay.0 (/home/gitlab-runner/haxeTools/std/haxe/Timer.hx line 143)
Called from haxe.$Timer.~__constructor__.0 (/home/gitlab-runner/haxeTools/std/haxe/Timer.hx line 76)
Called from haxe.$MainLoop.tick (/home/gitlab-runner/haxeTools/std/haxe/MainLoop.hx line 174)
Called from haxe.$EntryPoint.processEvents (/home/gitlab-runner/haxeTools/std/haxe/EntryPoint.hx line 99)
Called from haxe.$ (/home/gitlab-runner/haxeTools/std/haxe/EntryPoint.hx line 125)
(lines repeat themselves here)

// This is on Linux.
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The save is about 4 KB, so, I suppose, it's simply dead. Well, I guess I have to copy saves manually in the future.