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I have a kingdom of fighters, mages, halflings, and elves. My fighters and mages attain max rank without a problem because of their training buildings, but the other two races' buildings don't take them that high. When I looked at the unit screen of an elf and a hobbit at the highest level their buildings get them, they had letters after the level number. What do those indicate?
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In the version of the rules Stronghold appears to be using (see 1983 basic and expert D&D), demi-humans (elves, dwarves, and halflings) only advance to level 12, 10, and 8 respectively. After that they only gain a few hit points after each level and no other abilities. Dwarves got 3 HP for every level after 12; I don't remember how many the other two got, but it was likely 1 or 2. The letter ranks indicate how many times this occurred, so a level 10C elf would mean they've hit this threshold three times.

They chose to write it this way instead of level 13 since you don't get all the benefits a level would normally afford. It's not very intuitive, and later versions of D&D did away with level limits (and this sort of coding) altogether.
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