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Hi all,

has anyone ever encountered the same issue? At some point in the game I always get the above error. Text is in black color in a white box, or vice versa. In the left upper corner, then I am thrown out of the game. Reloading did not help unfortunately.
Any ideas?

thx in advance
I had the same error today! Any luck on this?
error 27 here, occurs after defearing kobold stronghold..
I also get this error from time to time. Right now, I have a game saved such that it is having the error exactly 19 spacebars after I load it, so whatever causes it, it is a time-based event. I think it is likely to be something with map over-population; I always have my maps with a ton of enemies on them, and this one is no exception. I am very close to the end of autumn, so maybe it is a season change thing?
I can also confirm that killing 1 or two enemies did not make a difference; in those 19 turns I was able to wipe out a stone giant and a skeleton that were nearby.
Similarly to bk01220, I had just destroyed the stone giant stronghold, so maybe it is a pathing trigger or something? I know that the stone giants are going to have a hard time finding a path to my stronghold, just because there is a huge lake in the way.
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