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error 27 , games freezes. Occurs about 5 years in, neutral king, just after i destroy kobold stronghold..
Bk01220: error 27 , games freezes. Occurs about 5 years in, neutral king, just after i destroy kobold stronghold..
The manual warns you of letting there be more than 30 enemies in the world at the same time, I wonder if this could be the cause, because after you destroy the stronghold all enemies of that faction activate and start rushing towards your castles. I had culled the Kobolds and could defeat them without it crashing, only having about 10 of them still alive filing towards my city, but afterwards I attacked the wooden golems which seemed to have a much larger army, and then the game crashed with error 27 once they reached my city.
It's not the amount of enemies. I tried that well below 30, I've had it happen with no enemies at all (just set to 0 of each intelligence type at custom world generation) The game's bugged to eventually lose your current save because of this. It sucks juicy shit but good luck finishing an actual game without severely limiting it to one enemy or none but be lawful and just build a city speedrun befor the bug eventually happens and your save is gone. 100% guaranteed to happen.

And that's assuming other bugs don't happen first. Stronghold has plenty of save breaking bugs that are guaranteed to happen. Dosbox needs retro dos settings because I never had these bugs on my 686 dx4 when I first played stronghold in 93.
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Same here, was having a great time until this error 27 started showing up. I can load the game but then I get the error a few turns later.

I used to play off an old CD-ROM copy I had, via Dosbox, and I never had this ever, not even once.

I'm going to try and use that .exe and see if I can play error-free. What a shame, I had hoped GOG would save me the trouble of remembering to set everything up via Dosbox.

Edit: I found that .exe and copied it over the one in the GOG directory, but it didn't make any difference (still error 27, then error 26). Maybe it's a problem with the newer version of Dobox, because again, I've beaten this game many times over the years, and have never seen this error.
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After doing a lot of testing, I've learned that rolling back DOSBox to .72 (the last version I was able to use, per my FAQ, without issues) has eliminated error 26, 27 and 28 for me.

GOG won't let me post a URL, but if you Google search for version .72 you should find it on the DosBox official site as a download.

I'm having some trouble with the config file (the layout and usage has changed a lot since 2007!) but even running it with the base config and toggling the cycles up to 10000 (use control+F12) has made the game run reasonably well for me.

I've also figured out that if you want to try and use the config file from GOG you need change a few values to stop an error message in the DOSBox console:


In the above, machine used to say svga_s3, but that option isn't available in .72, and the keyboardlayout used to say "auto" but that's in't an option either. cycles=fixed doesn't appear to do anything in .72.