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How do I attract units to a square? I know they can't be attracted if their set on "home" and "ready" units get attracted first and then I move the slider, but the slider won't move. sometime it says "0 out of 1 unit" is being attracted, with the one unit being the one I'm trying to attract. I've tried it with as many as 3 fighters to try and figure it out. and the slider won't move. Is there some sort of rule I'm unaware of?
This question / problem has been solved by Vyraexiiimage
i found that setting units to ready makes it easier since on default they will wander off and home themselves to an empty location. where readied units wont wander on their own unless attracted.

though you should be careful about setting attraction to multiple map areas since for me it tended to confuse them somewhat leaving he 1st attracting but no one eve going there

anyway that is my thoughts i hope you find them of use
attract is the purple bar-if only 2 units need go 50% on bar..1/4 if 4, 1/8 if 8...blinking white is rdy units on map solid white is home units-thus can attract units to training areas, mines, enemy areas