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Long story short, the game is currenty affected by an issue with its sounds. It is especially jarring when paying attention to the music, that doesn't loop properly or loops when it should not loop, or plays the wrong tracks in certain situations, or simply does not play at all and remains silents for a while. Dialogue is also sometimes affected I believe, with sentences repeating or not mixing properly.

Googling, I discovered that this issue affected all Windows version of DotT after the 2004 update last year, and people over the Steam forums did contact Double Fine about it. A developer eventually replied to them and they pushed a patch that solves the issue about a month and a half ago. They also said they would post the patch as soon as possible on other store fronts... but again, it's been a month and a half and we've still got nothing here on GOG.

Do you think it makes sense to contact GOG via support to solicit them to get the patch from Double Fine asap? I was really looking forward to play this one but after discovering the sound is messed up I kind of lost any will to keep playing :/
I have the same problem. I noticed the music was wrong in the intro when I first played it. Can't really enjoy the game when the wrong music track is playing.
I sent them a ticket explaining the issue and soliciting them to get in contact Double Fine and get this patch over to us as well from Steam.

Considering the amount of traffic they're getting due to the chaos with Cyberpunk, I don't think they're going to answer anytime soon (if any), but better that than waiting without doing anything for a random intervention by them I guess.
A new version has been released today. Maybe it fix the sound problem.
Yes! I just downloaded the new version and tried it out and immediately I could tell that the music is finally working as intended with the new patch installed, and the sound issue is gone!

I was starting to be a bit pessimstic really. GOG support did reply to me after I emailed them, pretty soon even, but after telling me they would warn the appropriate GOG team I still didn't see any updates here for another month. So last week I also tried contacting Double Fine directly via their support mail, just to remind the devs as well that we were still waiting for the fix over at GOG as well. They haven't replied and I don't think my email prompted anything that wasn't already in motion, but in any case I'm happy to see that they managed to push the patch for us GOG users as well.

Now I can go and play this classic for the first time knowing I am indeed playing it the way it was intended.
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