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Game is great so far but I've already run into an issue. It seems that the "-" key is bound for decreasing the speed of subtitles (a mainstay of the Scumm engine), but "=" has no binding, meaning I can't increase the speed. And... I accidentally made the subtitles as slow as they can possibly go. Derp. Is there any fix or a way to manually set the subtitle speed? This seems like a pretty big oversight on the part of DF.
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Hey there.

This fix will be in the next update after v1.1.
Ummm, so it's like three years past now. I have this game on Steam but this is the only discussion I've found on this topic online. There still isn't any way to work this issue out or? I hope this reaches someone.

This is easily one of the worst "remaster" experiences I've ever had. Wow, I'm disappointed with Double Fine big time
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I'm assuming Windows and GOG, no idea about other OSs or Steam: You need to press the '+' key (not the 'numpad +', but the regular '+') and not the '=' key like the OP was expecting.