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Patch 1.3.10 (Windows) / 1.4 (OS X) ( 02 June 2016)

- Maniac Mansion - added multiple save slots and support for saving anywhere (except during cutscenes).
- Accessibility - added a command line flag "--UIModeAccessibility" that turns on some extra UI controls to remove need for keyboard input in some situations.
- Audio - added a setting to toggle between remastered and classic sound effects.
- Audio - fixed "FIRE!!!" voice over line not playing if subtitles are turned off.
- Audio - fixed a classic game bug where Bernard would say one of Laverne's lines in the Lobby in a specific situation.
- Controls - touch pad taps now register as clicks.
- System - added support for case-sensitive file systems.
- Settings - fixed a bug where the fullscreen setting wouldn't save properly for some players.
- UI - clarified the controls help text to indicate you may need to press Fn+F1 to toggle render modes.
- UI - fixed a bug in verb dial mode where a certain inventory object's morph animation didn't play correctly during a certain puzzle.
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Update/ GOG-1 (Linux) (added 12 July 2016):

- We've added the Linux version of Day of the Tentacle Remastered to everyone's accounts.
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Changelog for Patch 1.4.1-Linux (GOG-2) (added 17 October 2016):

- Performance - introduced some optimizations that significantly reduce CPU usage
- Controls - pulled in upstream controllerdefs.txt to add support for additional gamepads
- Audio - added --audio-devices and --audio-device launch options for ALSA users and anybody having the game use the wrong audio device (see readme file for usage)
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Changelog for update 1.3.11 (A) (Windows) (added 22 March 2017):

- Added support for Cloud Saves in GOG Galaxy 1.2 and newer
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Changelog for Update (08 September 2020):

- Added 64-bit support for the Mac version of the game.

Mac standalone installer updated: 1.4 (gog-6) ⇒ 1.4 (B).