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(game version 1.0.7)
Building my first village. Around population 30, something weird happened and 3 of my villagers became uncontrollable. They are just standing at one spot in the village, are animated, but when I select them, I get window with only horizontal HP bar, not with bars for food, water etc. like for other villagers. As if they weren't my people anymore, more like traders that come from time to time.

Also they are naked, but survived winter like nothing. Must be some kind of weird gurus :-)

They are 2 adult men and 1 old man. Last job I remember they were doing was dragging a monolith to build menhir, which they finished. But that stands at slightly different spot.

I had a well near where they stand, so I thought they may have become stuck, so I recycled the well and built it elsewhere. But it didn't help.

Screenshot is attached.