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high rated
This is the first free content update for Dawn of Man (we expect to release a few of these every two months or so).

It focuses on spiritual and prestige structures for the Bronze and Iron Ages.




The ultimate megalithic structure, made of megaliths and a ton of rocks, it's the structure that provides the highest amount of prestige and morale recovery.


Iron Age structure to make your settlement look cooler and stronger, has a few variants too.


Bronze Age prestige structure, with a few variants to make your settlement more interesting and help recover morale.


Fish Trap

The most advanced fishing tool, with a 4 star rating.


Allows the crafting of Fish Traps.

Allows the construction of Statues.

Complex Megalithism
Allows the construction of Cairns.


Added 3 new music tracks.


Improved milestone UI.
Improved milestone cameras, that now focus on relevant structures.
New milestone sounds and more epic music.

New milestones for Continental Dawn scenario:
- Milestone Domestication: requires 10 Goats and 10 Sheep.
- Milestone The Secret of Steel: requires 20 units of Steel to be produced.
- Milestone Iron Settlement: requires 150 people and a Cairn.


Prestigious: Reach 1000 prestige.
Stone Prestige: Reach 900 prestige in the Stone Age
Megalith Madness: Build a Menhir, Dolmen, Stone Circle, Statue and Cairn in the same game.
Challenger: Complete 1 challenge
Hyper Challenger: Complete all 4 challenges.
Ultimate Challenger: Complete all 4 challenges in hardcore mode.


You can now choose a building variant when placing it by pressing "V".
Nice. Thank you.
That a big update, especially if you realise how small your development team is. Amzing! :D
Little details like pressing V to change the variant of a building is really sweat.
Awesome! Thank you so much!
Yes, the new content is nice
Would it be possible with the next update to unlock the Steam Workshop?
It would be really nice if I, as a GOG user, had access to the fan scenarios from the workshop.
(At the moment it is not possible to download things from the workshop via websites, scripts, etc
After a little trial and error with various methods and, after nothing worked, Googling, it seemed to be the only explanation that the workshop download is not approved for such methods from the publisher.
I think it's a shame that someone has no access to such things, just because he bought the game at GOG and not on Steam.)
I love that Steam is supporting mods, I hate steam for the fact that they ruined the open available modding community. Would love the see these open up.