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This version adds filters for storage structures and a batch of gameplay and balance changes and fixes.

Very important
Saves created with version 1.0.7 are not backwards compatible, once you save the game you won't be able to open it with version 1.0.6 anymore.
(1.0.7 can open old saves, so you can continue your old game).


New Feature
- Storage Tent, Storage Hut and Warehouse now have resource type filters.

Balance Changes
- Bone Spear and Bone Harpoon now have a trade value of 7 (down from 10).
- One unit of Grain now produces two units of Beer in Brewery (Beer trade value halved).
- Reinforced Gate doesn't decay over time anymore.
- Mammoth now has 800 health points (up from 600).
- Skins, Meat and Fish now dry 50% slower.

- Fixed community tab gone from GOG build
- Fixed state of river and lake banks not being saved properly.
- Fixed composite bow trade value in Bronze Age.
- Fixed issue with raiders sometimes getting stuck when all gates closed.
- Fixed exploit that could allow player to trade multiple times with the same trader.
- Fixed temperature increasing/decreasing independently of game speed.
- Fixed stone circle not freeing up AI nodes after being recycled.
- Fixed clipping issue in knowledge counter if you have more that 200 points.
- Fixed traders sometimes getting stuck near structure in settlement.
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