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The challenge this game offers, is the stupidity of the little people (artificial) intelligence. Topmost that DISTANCE HAS NO VALUE TO THEM.
It's frustrating to watch these people spend their days walking from one place to another, even though there are jobs to do, food to get, water to drink, place to sleep or worship quite near. Apparently they don't have a home either, which ever hut is their hut. This makes it a big mistake to build two villages.
It's crazy that people leave the village, when some of their needs is in the red (starving, low morale or tired), because their pace is veeeery slooooow. If hungry, thirsty or wearing the wrong outfit, they will probably not make the trip, or if they do, it lasts veeeery looooong. They shouldn't leave the village if they can satisfy their needs there first, if there's anything to eat, a place to sleep or a place to rise moral up.
Also in villages people sometimes go to do some job, even though they are extremely hungry and there's food in the village. Which of course kills them. That's not as harmful as dying outside village, but it's still crazy.
Couple of examples.
A hunting party killed some animals. Of course they were hungry. One of the people ate raw meat from a killed animal. Two more animals were killed after that, but no-one else ate, even though they were hungry. Two of them died in starvation while going back home. Why didn't they eat the raw meat while they had a chance?
A hungry woman left a village with a sledge. The sledge had two raw meat on it. She took the sledge to a place were mammoths were killed. There was meat on the ground and on the sledge, but she left the slege and went after some fruit somewhere, and starved to death on her way.
A bison just killed six of my dogs. Because the dogs went to hunt that bison without any human hunters - or maybe the humans starved and died, or were killed on the way. I'm thinking the dogs should go with the hunters. Preferably not far ahead either, but actually with them.
My village is by the river, and there are several wells in the village. Plenty to drink from. I built another well where my loggers work and a small palisade was being built (just for testing), testing if they use the well. A girl left from the village to drink from that well! - Removed the well. People working close by still went to drink from a lake that was further away than the well, and people from the village came to drink from the well.
Winter. I have 116 warm clothes and 94 people. A guy works building a palisade in the village. He has no winter clothes, no summer clothes. What? That's crazy! Well that palisade was REALLY important to him. More than his life.
A Woman carries a log on her shoulder from one settlement to another. When she starts, she has yellow warning of thirst. On her way the yellow warning changes to red, and the limping starts. She passes three wells, but doesn't drink. A girl carrying water walks past her. She arrives to her destibation village, delivers the log, and goes finally to drink. But while drinking, dies in starvation.

I would really like to see HUNTING PARTIES, if you could set them up yourself, that would add another layer of strategy, how many people & dogs would you send. If they would return separately, they would at least GO together.
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