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We now have a test branch where we upload new versions before they are fully public.

See instructions on how to sync to the test branch here:

Hey Mwmartino,
That sounds great!
Going to activate it asap, is there a specific place you guys like to have bug reports?
I think I found the first bug. When I start the game from the test branch I just get this screen.
Looks a bit like Unity.. Not good that's one thing I'm sure of. :P
Hi Martino,

Sorry for the triple post.
Just wanted to let you know I'll wait till there's a more 'stable' beta if that's a thing haha.

Just started reverting the installation from 1.0.6 to 1.0.5.
I noticed that the 1.0.5 installation is twice as large as the 1.0.6 installation.
Post edited March 27, 2019 by Blinkin89
Sorry about this.
We've uploaded a proper version now.

You can report any bugs in this forum.

Thanks for your help!
The beta option in Galaxy is now completely gone hahaha.
But you're welcome.
That's fine, but sadly only available on Galaxy!. Actually you have a bunch of Linux and BSD players. I bet that many of them (including me) have a spirit for beta testing, but while we can play this game using Wine, Galaxy is only available on Windows and Mac...

Is there any plans on just giving a test branch URL so we can also hunt bugs?