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high rated

AI made more resilient to high workload situations:
- For any task to be assigned to a human, they have to have at least 50% hydration (this could be 25% before in some cases).
- Most non-food related tasks, can now only be assigned to a human when they have at least 50% nutrition.
- If someone is crafting a non-food item, and their nutrition or hydration go too low, they will abort.
- There are a few more situations where people will abort what they are doing if they are low on hydration or nutrition.
- When cutting down trees using a Sledge/Cart the resulting logs will always be placed in the transport and not the person's inventory.
- Collect tannin and flax tasks now have the same priority as all other non-food related collection tasks (before their priority was the same as of food tasks, which was higher).

- Fixed typo in the "Resource has decayed" French text
- Fixed a couple of rare crashes
- Fixed bug which would allow the player to place the second variant of the tent in an isolated location, causing different issues
- When the game fails to open the profile or settings files, it now gives a more helpful error