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Changelog for Update 1.0.1 (added 01 March 2019):

* Fixed broken Tech Panel in screens with 4:3 aspect ratios
* Fixed issue that could cause game profile to be corrupted
* Fixed crash when trying to spawn 2 trees in same place

Changelog for Update 1.0.2 (added 01 March 2019):

* Better error message for when profile or settings are corrupted
* Changed save code to prevent file corruption
* Better email formatting for error reports

Changelog for Update 1.0.3 (added 01 March 2019):

* Fixed for crash that could happen when someone tried to mine in a full mine
* Fixed crash if the player presses F10 or Esc while a tutorial window is open
* Fixed crash if selecting just harvested megalith while coming out of primal vision in hardcore mode
* Damaged gates can no longer be opened or closed
* Added more code to track down remaining issues
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Changelog for Update 1.0.4 (added 07 March 2019):

Overhauled camera controls
- Camera can now be rotated up and down (PageUp/PageDown by default)
- New setting to control camera rotation (this affects both mouse and key rotation):
Turn: the camera rotates in position (same as it was before)
Orbit: the camera rotates around a point ahead of it (how some other games work)
- Camera can now be zoomed in/out a bit more

Stability fixes
- Fixed crash when coming out of primal vision at the same time as a selected work area was exhausted
- Fixed crash when someone was targeting a megalith while it was being destroyed
- Fixed crash that was sometimes happening when placing a Wood Pile at the edge of the map
- Some fixes in the texts for the crash screen
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Changelog for Update 1.0.5 (added 19 March 2019) was posted here by the devs.
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Changelog for Update 1.0.6 (added 29 March 2019):

AI Improvements
* Children can now milk goats and cows.
* Stricter enforcement of animals limits: more slaughter tasks get generated if required.
* When people go back to town to rest, change outfit, or get better tools, they won't drop their current sledge if carrying one.
* People now prefer to use carts over sledges if available.
* Preventing people from wandering around town immediately after delivering a resource to storage, so they can store more resources faster.
* Fixed issue where AI would not use transports if going to grab one more resource than they can carry.

Balance changes
* Relaxing population limits, you can now get more people in your settlement.
* Structures now have custom amounts at which they give knowledge points, in order to promote reasonable settlement construction. Residence structures give more points, crafting and mining structures give less.
* Added move speed modifiers for transports, depending on how full they are: 90% - 70% for sledges, 95% - 75% for donkey carts, 100% - 80% for horse carts.
* Increased the amount of wolves in paleolithic and mesolithic

Notification changes
* When continuous production of Carts or Sledges is active, you don't get notifications about them decaying anymore.
* Once you build 3 stables, you stop getting notifications of animal births or deaths by slaughtering.
* Once you reach 50 people, you stop getting notification of human births or deaths by natural causes.

QOL improvements
* Default limit for Sledges and Carts is now 10.
* The defense panel can now be accessed from a button in Towers and Gates.

Misc Fixes
* Changed defense icon.
* Fixed broken birth limits in mods.
* Fixed milk and wool resource limits.
* Fixed various issues in community screen.
* Making sure work areas can not be placed on top of each other.
* Primal vision key shortcut is now disabled in tutorial when button is disabled.
* Stability fixes.
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Changelog for Update 1.0.7 (added 30 April 2019):

New Feature
* Storage Tent, Storage Hut and Warehouse now have resource type filters.

Balance Changes
* Bone Spear and Bone Harpoon now have a trade value of 7 (down from 10).
* One unit of Grain now produces two units of Beer in Brewery (Beer trade value halved).
* Reinforced Gate doesn't decay over time anymore.
* Mammoth now has 800 health points (up from 600).
* Skins, Meat and Fish now dry 50% slower.

AI Improvements
* People will now go to shelter when they think that their temperature is dropping too quickly (before it actually reaches critical levels).

* Fixed state of river and lake banks not being saved properly.
* Fixed Composite Bow trade value in Bronze Age.
* Fixed issue with raiders sometimes getting stuck when all gates closed.
* Fixed exploit that could allow player to trade multiple times with the same trader.
* Fixed temperature increasing/decreasing independently of game speed.
* Fixed stone circle not freeing up AI nodes after being recycled.
* Fixed clipping issue in knowledge counter if you have more that 200 points.
* Fixed traders sometimes getting stuck near structure in settlement.

Changelog for Update 1.0.8 (added 30 April 2019):

* There is now an unlimited number of hardcore savegame slots available (but still one per game you start).
* Activity and tasks panels now refresh in real time.
* Game can now handle several modal panels at once, this fixes crashes in some community scenarios.
* Making sure that people that join settlement don't change outfit/skin/hair colors.
* Fixed issue with progress bars in Knowledge Progress panel not displaying properly sometimes.
* Stability fixes.
1.07 was released 2 weeks ago right?
I'm currently on 1.08...
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Changelog for Version 1.1.0 was posted by the devs here.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Update 1.1.1 (added 14 May 2019):

- When humans die, their resources are placed randomly around them instead of all piling in the exact same location (this also includes raiders).
- Fixed issue in automatic transport production: Trader transports were being counted when comparing to production limits.
- Fixed issue that could cause people to drop their current warm outfit in a random place before going to get a light one.
- Fixed issue that caused raider weapons to be counted as if they were owned by the player.
- Fixed rare issue with migrants getting stuck when coming to town.
- Fixed issue where for some people the game could immediately throw an "Invalid Location" message when trying to place structures or work areas.
- Code optimizations so we can upgrade the population cap in the future.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Update 1.1.2 (added 03 June 2019):

AI Improvements
- AI will now feed Grain to animals if there is a large surplus of it (when compared to Straw).
- Animals and people now distribute themselves better among buildings when seeking shelter, instead of all flocking to the nearest one.

- When a savegame is loaded, all of it's milestones are copied into the profile (this is useful when moving savegames between computers).
- When giving a command while carrying a heavy resource, the human will drop it unless the command requires it.
- When a command is given to a task that the player is already doing, the entity flashes green.
- Fixed issue that caused weapons recovered from raiders to be indestructible.
- Fixed issue allowing the player to set automatic production during tutorial when it shouldn't.
- Some improvements and additional restrictions on bridge placement.
- Fixed glitch when swapping structure variant while placing it on an invalid location.
- Fixed issue where all Raiders had blonde hair and light skin color.
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Changelog for Update 1.2 (16 July 2019) posted by the devs here.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Update 1.2.1b (added 07 August 2019):

AI and Gameplay
- If a resource's condition is below 50%, then the AI will store it with very high priority.
- New default resource limits: Meat: 30, Bones: 10, Raw Skins: 10. This prevents Hunting work areas from getting overused if it's not required.

- Human and animal paths are now saved in savegames, this prevents the game from stuttering at the beginning sometimes when recalculating them.
- Various performance optimizations from the console version are now included, which make the game run better with high population counts.

- If the game now detects that the settings or profile are corrupted, it will reset them instead of crashing out.
- Making the game more tolerant to corrupted savegames.
- Fixed crash when clicking on enable/disable if a human was also selected.
- Preventing messages from focusing on destroyed entities
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Changelog for Update 1.2.2 (added 11 September 2019):

- Trees that are not full grown, produce less wood when cut down.
- Cut down work areas only cut down trees that are fully grown.
- Preventing structures and transports from being built where another transport is being built.
- Swordmaking and Swordmastery milestones in Ancient Warriors, now require you to produce swords, instead of just accumulating them (so you can't get them from looting the raider's weapons)
- Stability fixes.
There is no changelog for the latest updates.
Version 1.3 released | Fauna content update
Mo., 30. September 2019

New techs
Dog Training - Allows dogs to help with hunting.
Bone Polishing - Unlocks Bone Knife and Bone Sickle.

New bone tools
New bone tools make bone more useful early game, as it typically was too abundant, these include the Bone Knife and Bone Sickle

Fauna behavior overhaul
The behaviour of wild animals is now more realistic making gameplay more challenging and interesting.

- Animals defend all young around the area, not just their own offspring (this makes Wolves and Cave Lions quite a bit more aggressive).
- Animals sometimes disengage from the attacker if it runs away (unless hungry). Humans will now run away when confronted with overwhelming odds.
- Animals will now try really hard not to drink near the player's settlement.
- Animals will now react properly while drinking when attacked by other animals.
- Animals won't eat dead animals that have butcher tasks associated with them.
- Several herbivores might retaliate when attacking their herd, even in normal mode.
- Animals now target humans more often when hungry (but still prefer other animals).
- Dogs can be knocked back by large animals.

Balance changes
- All outfits now take 90s to make (up from 50 or 60).
- All flint tools now take 60s to make (up from 50).
- All bone tools last for less time and uses when compared with the equivalent flint tools.
- All animals have had their speeds, produced resources and hit points reviewed and iterated.
- Downgrading Food Dryer to 6 slots, this will force the player to build more of these, as they were too efficient before.
- Doubled the amount of time animal carcasses remain in the game.
- Cave Lions now do 35 damage (from 30).

Work Area management improvements
- Added work areas panel.
- Replaced Next/Previous work area buttons in work area options by a button to access the panel (Next/Previous work area shortcuts still work).
- Hunt work areas now display a different tooltip saying "maximum number of simultaneous tasks in this area", as the previous tooltip was wrong.

- Creative mode and "The Long March" challenges are now playable from the start.
- Changed "Winter Hunt" milestone in "The Northlands" scenario to include the Elasmotherium and Muskox.
- In the Knowledge Progress Panel, structures and animals that can not be currently built/hunted are now grayed out.
- You can now select a bunch of trees with/without cutting down tasks assigned and cancel them all or cut them all down.
- Collect wild plants work area also also works for Flax now.
- When taking heavy resources to store, people will abort if very hungry or dehydrated.
- When a selected entity enters a structure, it gets deselected.
- Adding butcher tasks for domestic animals that die of starvation or natural causes.
- Improved impact particle spawn positions.
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