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I've noticed that Wolfman's hideout is always near to my own hideout in the Old Woods and it is quite easy to drag and use six indestructible crates from there. I also think the room with the oven is the most suitable to barricade for the night.

- Top-left entrance - door is not needed, it is barricaded with two crates outside.

- Window at the bottom - it is barricaded with wood and two crates outside.

- Bottom-right - the lamp is positioned near the oven.

- Top-right entrance - the most complicated barricade using the door, two crates, three chairs and one wardrobe. Three indestructible chairs are shielding wardrobe, small empty space (between wardrobe, chair and crate) allows to open/close the door and the crate on the right is the only furniture that I move after/before the night - it is always pushed to the right for easy access to generator room and dragged back to block the door from outside.
hideout3.jpg (69 Kb)
Man / woman,- you are crazy :), so many objects..., I even don't know what to say. Only one question - after dark goes, how you will go from your hideout? ;)