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I've tried getting my steam controller to work with the game for two days. I've added the game to steam (as a non-steam game) and have tried so many different controller settings (as steam controller, generic gamepad, xbox 360/one, ps4 etc). The game has never shown that any controller is connected, it does work fine in other games.

MacOS 10.13.6
GOG Galaxy 2.0.13
Latest steam (non beta)
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Controllers works for me on Linux Darkwood 1.3. I tested a controller but I think mouse gameplay is way more accurate for me. I started the program on keyboard mode Main Screen - Options - Controls - I inserted a simple generic usb controller and switched it to xbox 360 mode and pressed A --> a snes controller icon appeared on bottom right. I would test another controllers, another connection types (wired usb/bluetooth). I noted PS3 mode didn't work for me but xbox 360 did.
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