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So, do you think add french language ?

Do you have any contact to do the job ?

If not, do you need free help to do it ? (I can probably do it, from the english version)

Best Regards

The game is pretty good, i hope a number 2.

Salut, sur steam il y une "fan trad" en cours (que tu peux consulter sur le forum en question, vu que sur Galaxy, on ne peut pas copier les liens), ce qui est mieux que rien.

Donc a priori, pas de trad' officielle... ou en tout cas, pas prévu pour le moment.
La seul chose qui me retiens pour l'acheté !
The only thing holding me back from buying it !
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La mise à jour 1.4, annoncée le 28 décembre, apporte la localisation en français. La liste complète des chargements est disponible sur la version Steam du jeu. En voici les principaux :

Changes and improvements

- Updated Unity version from 5.5.3 to 2021.3.30. This means less software and hardware conflicts, better performance and less crashes.
- Fixed the vast majority of known bugs. We couldn't fix them all though (but believe me, we tried!).
- Fixed many issues with newer Mac systems.
- Fixed many issues on Linux.
- Added Steam DRM on Windows. This DRM is added to pretty much every game on Steam and is nothing like the shitty Denuvo stuff that made DRM a trigger word. We need to add this to have no issues with Steam integration, please read up on it if you're concerned.
- Fixed achievements not unlocking for many players.
- Added better 4k support.
- Updated the UI in some places.
- Added the Automagical Save File Corruption Recovery System. If your saves get corrupted / deleted, the system will try to use the back ups without any input from your part.
- Added Steam Cloud support.
- Many performance improvements.
- If you have a key to open a door, the default action for this door will be to use the key, so you don't need to open up the context menu anymore.
- Some minor changes to the Prologue.
- Some general rebalancing, mostly in the second chapter.
- Added French localization.
- The gamepad control scheme and UI has received many improvements.