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Changelog Patch 1.0a (added 18 August 2017):

- Removed the "BETA" notice in the Russian version of the game
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Changelog for Patch 1.0 Hotfix 1 (23 August 2017)

- Added a missing note near the ending of the game.
- Fixed missing dialogues in RU localization in Wolf and Musician.
- Fixed incorrect outcomes after epilogue.
- Fixed musician's mother talking even though she's dead.
- Updated the credits a bit.
- Fixed a few gamepad bugs.
- Fixed Kuba's drawings.
- Fixed lag in cooking menu.
- Fixed Wolf's dialogue about the invitation in the PL localization.

Changelog for Patch 1.0 Hotfix 2 (23 August 2017)

- Fixed issues with loading saves related to the Steam cloud.
- Fixed bad Wolfman reaction to the shawl if you've given him the key before.
- Fixed missing translation in the epilogue.
- Fixed missing translation for the Mushroom Granny.

Changelog for Patch 1.0 Hotfix 3 (23 August 2017)

- Fixed black screen after dying in chain trap.
- Fixed disappearing underwater passage in the swamp border.
- Fixed glitch when picking up the last item from the Bike Man's package on a gamepad.
- Fixed sleeping characters not waking up when hit.
- Fixed several typos.
Is it possible that the offline updater is borked? After several minutes of running the updater, I noticed that the progress bar hadn't moved at all and several GBs were eaten up on my hard drive. I had to CTRL-Alt-Del the updater, after that the space on my hard drive was freed up again.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1 (added 29 August 2017):

- Added save file backups in case your PC turns off when saving.
- Capped the frame rate at 144 FPS. Some players with high-end video cards were experiencing glitches if the frame rate was very high.
- Added credits button to main menu.
- Added Trading Cards (they're in review so it might take a while before they're visible).

- Fixed Indiegogo content sometimes active even if you disabled it in the options menu.
- Fixed Musician happily playing on his violin after he's been eaten by his parents.
- Fixed villagers lying on mattresses disappearing if killed.
- Fixed floating text on a note from the Doctor.
- Fixed glitch if picking up a porter package when it's empty.
- Fixed mask for controller inputs too small for 4K resolutions.
- Fixed several typos.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1 hotfix 1 (added 05 September 2017):

- Hopefully fixed all gamepad woes related to some pads not being recognized by the game.
- Fixed Trapped Villagers achievement not unlocking properly.
- Fixed Mushroom Granny being eaten by the villagers after you've trapped them.
- Fixed broken journal entries if permadied in chapter 2 and restarted from chapter 2.
- Fixed save file deleting if you permadied in chapter 2, restarted, quit to main menu and wanted to reload that profile.
- Fixed several typos and broken texts.
- Fixed parallax object in Sawmill.

Changelog for Patch 1.1 hotfix 2 (added 07 September 2017):

- Hopefully fixed gamepad problems that came with the latest hotfix. Unfortunately the issue with Alt / Ctrl / Shift not working when streaming the game has not been resolved yet, but is being worked on.
- Fixed incorrect inputs for the gamepad sometimes displayed in the cooking menu.
- Gamepad mode now turns on when using the analog sticks, not just buttons.
- Fixed weird player leg rotation when stopping running.
- Fixed art for some objects, like the bathtub glitching out sometimes.
- Several spoilery fixes for the epilogue.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1 hotfix 3 (added 09 September 2017):

- Fixed many gamepad related issues.
- Fixed player character unresponsive to inputs if loaded a game directly after finishing the epilogue.
- Fixed being able to get stuck in the locked room in the swamp hideout.
- Fixed player being pushed when a Centipede would spawn under him.
- Fixed flickering infection produced by the Musician.
- Fixed being able to get stuck at the Mushroom Glade by jumping over the fence in one place.
- Fixed incorrect inputs displayed in the Help Menu if remapped Dodge / Run inputs.
- Several typos fixed.
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Changelog for Patch 1.1 hotfix 4 (added 13 September 2017):

Yet another attempt to end controller issues.
- Fixed no response from gamepads if started a game using one and went to main menu after generating a world.
- Hopefully fixed some keyboard keys not working in rare cases.
- Hopefully fixed unresponsive gamepads in rare cases.

Let me know if you still have any issues with gamepads!
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Changelog for patch 1.1 hotfix 5 (added 27 September 2017):


- Rewritten the input remapping menu, hopefully fixing all bugs associated with it, like not being able to remap some inputs or the remap not being saved properly for gamepads.
- Fixed issues when using multiple gamepads connected at simultaneously.
- Fixed issues with recognizing gamepads for some users.
- Fixed issues with some keyboard inputs not being usable for some users.
- Fixed incorrect icons in some menus when in gamepad mode.
- Fixed rare case of a bad fadeout when exiting the cooking menu.
- Fixed messages floating in mid air when dropped the boulder in the swamp quarry and the villagers have not travelled to chapter 2.
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Changelog for Patch 1.2 (added 23 January 2018):

¡Hola! Hallo! Olá!

This update brings three new languages to Darkwood: Spanish, German and Brazilian Portugese.

- Fixed issue with the gamma slider.
- Fixed many typos.

This update was made possible thanks to the hard work of the awesome localization teams:
Spanish translation
Miguel Ávila

Spanish proofreaders
Miguel Ávila
Joaquín Soro Castelló
Adrián Martínez Esteve

Spanish testers
Miguel Ávila
Daniel "Juez" Lastra

German translation
Dominik Raab

Brazilian Portugese translation
Diego Tatsuo de Oliveira Onishi
Franklin Magno
Bruno de A. L. Magalhães
Lui Laskowski
Yuri Nikolai

Fonts & sprites
Ivan Babich

More languages are coming in the future! Also, be on the lookout for more Darkwood related news this year!

xoxo, The Acid Wizards
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Changelog for Patch 1.3 (added on 7 August 2019)

嗨! Ciao! Szia! Merhaba!

This update brings four new languages to Darkwood: Simplified Chinese, Italian, Turkish and Hungarian. There are also improvements to the German localization.

- Fixed Musician not appearing in Chapter 2. Sorry about that! This fix will not be available if you've already started Chapter 2.
- Fixed "white screen" issue for Portuguese players.
- Fixed rare save game corruption in regards to interacting with the crazy Doctor in Chapter 2.
- Fixed incorrect outcome for Musician in the Epilogue when he was killed by the player.
- Fixed max stackable items exploit from traders.
- Fixed Dog and Mutated Dog being unlootable after being killed by a beartrap while having the Shadow Armor.
- Fixed Piotrek appearing in chapter 2 even though he died in the rocket explosion in chapter 1. This fix will not be available if you've already started Chapter 2.
- Fixed player invincibility exploit when entering gamepad menu.
- Many typos fixed.
- Fixed weak regeneration perk not appearing in journal and incorrect icon.
- Fixed dream about the Underground not spawning the Forest Spirit.
- Fixed credits ending too soon.
- Fixed incorrect number of items displayed in the journal.
- Updated handwritten fonts.
- Fixed instances where text would not fit on a note or in the journal for some translations.
- Memory optimizations.

This update was made possible thanks to the hard work of the awesome localization teams:

Italian translation
Marcello Colombo

Italian proofreading
Marcello Brancaccio

Chinese translation
Peter Leong

Chinese proofreading
Peter Leong

Turkish translation
Ahmet H. Ayık
Akın Ergin

Turkish proofreading
Akın Ergin

Hungarian translation

Fonts & sprites
Ivan Babich

If you notice any issues with the update, please report them so we can fix them :)

French localization is almost done and should be ready pretty soon, although we don't have a estimate on when that could be.

The Acid Wizards
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Someone knows somewhat about patch 1.3A? I don't found any information about it in internet.

Do you plan to bring patch 1.4, which is available on Steam, to the Gog version of Darkwood ?

Thank you in advance.


Sorry, I have just downloaded the game, it appears that it is the 1.4 version. Thank you for the update.
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Standalone installer updated:
[Windows] 1.3(A) ⇒ 1.4a
[Linux] 1.3 ⇒ 1.4
[Mac] 1.3 ⇒ 1.4a
Update 1.4

It took us WAY longer than we anticipated, but the 1.4 update is finally here. It consists of a huge number of bug fixes, plus many QoL improvements.

This update is compatible with your existing save games, but if you want the best experience, we advise to start a new game (some bugs will still persist on save games from 1.3).

Some macOS players have been experiencing save file issues after the update.Here's a step by step guide on how to fix them.

① Changes and improvements
• Updated Unity version from 5.5.3 to 2021.3.30. This means less software and hardware conflicts, better performance and less crashes.
• Fixed the vast majority of known bugs. We couldn't fix them all though (but believe me, we tried!).
• Fixed many issues with newer Mac systems.
• Fixed many issues on Linux.
• Added Steam DRM on Windows. This DRM is added to pretty much every game on Steam and is nothing like the shitty Denuvo stuff that made DRM a trigger word. We need to add this to have no issues with Steam integration, please read up on it if you're concerned.
• Fixed achievements not unlocking for many players.
• Added better 4k support.
• Updated the UI in some places.
• Added the Automagical Save File Corruption Recovery System. If your saves get corrupted / deleted, the system will try to use the back ups without any input from your part.
• Added Steam Cloud support.
• Many performance improvements.
• If you have a key to open a door, the default action for this door will be to use the key, so you don't need to open up the context menu anymore.
• Some minor changes to the Prologue.
• Some general rebalancing, mostly in the second chapter.
• Added French localization.
• The gamepad control scheme and UI has received many improvements.

② Reworked control bindings
Here are the Xbox One Controller bindings:
• Primary Action : A
• Aiming : LT
• Secondary attack: RB
• Run : B
• Vault : B
• Dodge: Right Stick Button
• Reload: Left Stick Button
• Inventory : Y
• Skill Menu: LB
• Player Menu: View Button
• Far look: RT
• Cycle: D-Pad Left
• Effects Cycle: D-Pad Right
• Open context menu: X

③ Changes for gamepad mode
• Player character auto jumps over objects while running.
• Objects selection has been reworked.
• Context menu has been reworked.
• Inventory: Objects selection has been reworked.
• Throwing objects mechanics have been reworked.
• Autorun has been removed.
• Inventory, Workshop, Saw : UI has been reworked.
• Added optional aim assist.

The full list of fixes and changes can be found here.

Thank you to everyone who helped out during the testing! You are all truly wonderful.
Standalone installer updated:
[Windows, Mac] 1.4a ⇒ 1.4.2
[Linux] 1.4 ⇒ 1.4.2
Update 1.4.2, 04/01/2024
• Hopefully fixed visual glitches around the cursor.
• Fixed choosing skills on gamepad on higher resolutions.
• Fixed inventory item popups incorrectly displaying on 19:10 aspect ratio.
• Fixed staff attack spam.
• Fixed skillbar icons incorrectly scaling.
• Fixed some tanks being unselectable with gamepad.
• Fixed unselectable doors if there is broken glass beneath them on gamepad.

Update 1.4.1, 31/12/2023
• Fixed input binding menu on higher resolutions.
• Fixed second intro cutscene in Hungarian.
• Hopefully fixed visual glitches around the cursor.
• Fixed cropped notes during dialogue on higher resolutions.
• Fixed missing text in dialogue between chapters.
• Hopefully fixed incorrect damage applied to characters.
• Fixed message displaying on the bottom of the screen when loading game if the Careful Step perk is active.