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How coop works with the game? Somebody have tried it?
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Hey, its been a while since you posted but here's my first impression of playing co-op for like 4 hours.
You and your buddy start in town. You can turn on and off "friendly" fire. If you play with ranged and melee, you kind of block each other sometimes, especially in dungeons. Its a bit tricky. If you complete Quests, both you and your buddy gain the experience. For killing monsters, it seems like you get experience when you hit them, not only for the death blow.
Have not played it solo, but i guess its the same campaign and quest as if you play solo mode. Would definitly recommend it!

Hope the answer helps you or other people looking around.
Thank you, one more question: you have played coop on the same machine or with 2 pc?
Hey, guess the answer is kind of late but i didnt got a notification 0o

We played with 2 different systems. We played trhough the game and all in all it was lot of fun. But the engine and everything about this game feels a bit clunky and like a "old" game. But if you dont mind just dying and collecting your whole inventory multiple times and stuff like that, just go for it! Its worth its money, even not on a sale!
i though the game still plays surprisingly well for how old it is :-)

i played it a few months ago with my brother and it was just a kick-ass journey.
the only issue was that i was a mage and he a warrior, so as i got more books, skills and better gear i got so much more effective than he, that my XP sky-rocketed, while his stayed behind.
makes you realize how important XP sharing is in games like this.. :-)

but yeah, we loved it and continued playing until late level 50s.
fun quests, awesome music, pretty good sound design, solid voice acting. can't really complain about the skills and spells either!
it's just a solid co-op game if you like ARPGs :-)
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