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hello there.

Well i cannot play the game on my Waybackmachine(TM) which is a Asus EEEBox 1012p(Intel Atom D510 Dual Core with HT and Nvidia ION GT218) running Windows XP.

The Game starts but the menu text flickers and is unusable. Sometimes the text dissappears completly. It is even worse ingame as the graphics look like garbage(like when a gpu is overheating with spikey polygons and such).

You would be surprised which old Games(Arx Fatalis and Drakan still do work fine) do run on this system just errr...this game does not.

Hell...errr Help please :)

What i did already:
-Checked NVIDIA Control Panel(driver is 296.10 btw) and altered gamespecific settings(disable AA and AF ans so on but without solution.

- config files are there but....they are to non ID/Epic-ish and so i cannot alter them

Checked the Game on my old AMD 64 3200+ with ATI Radeon 3850 AGP Windows 7 Pro 64Bit - works fine although it stutters a bit.

I cannot test the game on my main gaming machine - my 560Ti fried up...but i guess it would run there.

Anyone else had this Problem and a possible solution?
Hello, eispfogel.
Yes, I have the exact same problem with Darkstone. Purchased, downloaded and installed the game today. When I run the game, graphical text flickers on-off at a high-speed frequency, making it virtually impossible to configure the game. Also impossible to run a new game, as text flickers on-off.
My rig is Windows XP Home, Service Pack 3. Athlon 64 4000+ processor, 4 Gb of DDR PC3200 RAM. GeForce 9800 GT graphics card.
I've tried to run in Windows 98 and Windows 2000 compatability mode, but the GOG Darkstone runs on XP.
I'm thinking that the PC game text is flickering at the same rate that the monitor refreshes (60-75 Mhz), but I'm pushing the envelope here on my technical understanding of how the screen display functions.
Anyone have any good ideas how we can solve this problem? A solution would be much appreciated.
I have the same issues on a nVidia 9600 GT card, also on WinXP SP3 btw.
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Same problem here. And if i check the compatibility mode the game asks for the CD.
Similar problems with Darkstar.
XP SP3,nVidia 9800.
Five,problem-free,minutes of character creation/tutorial......then the game disappears in a sea of yellow.Characters.Background.Text.Yellow.
No joy with any tinkering so-far.
I have noticed several instances of this lemon-hued problem on old forums,so it would not appear to be GOG specific.
Hi there!

Same problem here but no solution, all the text is flickering, sometimes disappearing :/
System is XP SP3 and nVidia card with driver 295.73
Any idea someone?

Update: I tried the Support suggestions (updated the video driver, changed directx to suggested distribution package), but no use :(
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Hmm i guess it is NVIDIA specific or Windows XP related then because the game works fine with an ati 4870(windows vista) and 3850(windows 7).

Still no luck with my xp/ion system :/

next time it is try before you buy again.....
I have the original Darkstone CD still (LOVE this game, wish I could play it).

Add me as another data point: XP SP3, Athlon 64 CPU, 4 gigs memory, and once again the common element of the problem: An nVidia video card.

(The game's good enough, I might just try to build up an ATI video-card based retro gaming system...)
Using a Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 1gig. I get the same exact issue. Menu text flickers and pixels flicker. Driver version 295.73, Curious to see if my older ATI 4670 can handle it. It may be a PhysX issue. Not sure how to proceed from here.
I have Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT on Win XP SP3 and have the same issue; trying to solve the problem in many ways with no result. I think that we all must wait for new version of drivers for our graphic cards. (Maybe they fix issue if we write to them). Or GOG staff do something about that.....Anyway: WE ALL WANT TO PLAY!!!!
Hello everyone on this frustrating message thread;

I have the same technical issue as everyone else running Darkstone on a PC with a Nvidia (GeForce) graphics card: Text flickers on/off at high frequency, graphical display corrupted, game impossible to play in this state.

I have submitted two e-mails to, bringing this situation to their attention. In my last e-mail, I suggested to them that they issue refunds (hell, even a credit will do) to all of their good customers who have been 'stuffed' by this Darkstone purchase.

I suggest that all of you write e-mails to, telling them of the problem that you are having with Darkstone. Request a refund or credit in your e-mail. This action might persuade them to either fix Darkstone or to give you a refund/credit.

Make yourselves heard,

I'm running a Win7-system with a AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series-card, and also got the flickering text-menus.
I just got an e-mail from GoG with the advice to turn off DEP (Data Execution Protection) for non essential programs.
This did not solve things on my computer, but it might help someone here.
@raee: I'm surprised that you also run into this problem, even though your PC neither runs WinXP nor had an nVidia GPU. Very strange.

The search for a proper solution continues.
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I'll just add I have the same problems. I am running XP SP3 with a GTX 560 TI. Driver version 275.33
I had flickering in the menus/intro movies. Turning off crossfire fixed it for me. 6990.