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Well, now that i have progressed a great deal in game already, i keep discovering big, and i mean BIG, bugs. I mean, this game is all about acrobatics, grabbing one ledge, jumping onto another. Should they not work as they should, you are faqed, a possible gamestopper.

1) Most wooden ledges (those you grab and hang onto) that enable you to climb on a surface, have bugged detection of movement. Pressing up or spacebar from most parts of it causes death to enter an animation in which he begins to climb, "regrets it", then drops down again. Can lead you to fall into the deep, causing you to loose health and reappear elsewhere, ruining the acrobatics combo you need to perform in order to progress. Only solution is to slide slightly to a different angle of problematic wooden ledge, until you find the sweet spot you can climb normally, without falling down. Original 2 DIDN'T have this problem, it is a new one (and very dangerous).

2) Bugged death-grip spots. First one i found is next to the guardian, in Foundry. Whatever directional button you press, you end up rolling around it and falling down. Movement detection must be. A 640x480 resolution swap did the trick, thankfully. And Bleithir boss' one is bugged, too (Nook).

3) Bugged wooden poles. The ones in a row (2-3) that you jump from one to another. I also know of the trick to not stop moving but keep rolling-jumping all the way, from the first to the last. They don't detect death's hand movement and instead of grabbing animation, death falls down. You loose health and time. Only workaround i found to this, was changing resolution to 640x480, yet again. 2 Original DIDN'T have this problem, either.

It is a shame. All these hindrances, all this time passed and instead of it being a remaster, it is a craptaster (crappy disaster)! I STRUGGLED all this time to praise this game, let time pass, hoping all problems would eventually get issued. I was wrong. This game is broken, it is beyond repair, or even hope. Having to change constantly from 640x480 to your desktop resolution all the time is really cr@p. Worst cr@p i have ever had to deal with. Doubly so, since there are extra problems with this; minimap is faqued completely in this resolution (you cannot see or make out anything on it) and save game isn't available in each and every area of the game. I have already lost THREE chests in Foundry and that area becomes sealed, you can never return to it. Game is the personification of BUGS, GLITCHES etc. First time i put faith into something and praised it, then totally regret it all. Even though it is free, i demand a refund, for good god's sake!
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Sorry to hear that. I never played the original, I bought it but before I got to playing it they released this edition. But as I already mentioned elsewhere in this forum, I had only very few problems finishing the game. One particular spot with buggy death grip, no problems with wooden poles or ledges. Maybe because I was using controller, or maybe because my gfx card has plenty of power to spare when running this... They did something to "improve visual quality", that probably means higher requirements than original.

My private theory is that with low fps, collisions could become buggy. If you take the Karkinos fight, the boulder has to travel X distance for each frame. With low fps and sloppy programming, X may become so large that it runs straight through the collision zone in between two frames and the game could never detect it. It would explain why lowering resolution helps... but it also may be just loads of nonsense, I'm not 3d or game physics programmer.

I still have no idea what the hell happened at the well of the souls, but that's not a technical problem.
It's not just me, lots of steam players report similar problems, especially bugged Karkinos Boulder-Hit-Detection... Their idea had been the 640x480 swap and i borrowed it. Worked for me. But now. Not in the previous save slot i had. (1 time i started game when it still was un-updated and had the gamestopping crashes, 1 time i played after the update and deleted save because Karkinos stopped me and only now, the third and final, trick for lowering resolution worked)