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What I'd like to see:
-Horse usable in any open area
-The game doesn't auto-save after buying a possessed weapon from Vulgrim
-Proper mouse look when hanging onto a wall (currently auto-moves to a diagonal over the shoulder view unless you keep moving the mouse to where you want to look)
-Changed rolling so that there's a cooldown after the third roll instead of the annoying move where Death hops up, lands on his feet and stops in place for a bit

-Fixes for these interface issues:
-No hotkey taking you straight to the map screen? (it’s a sub menu in the stats/inventory screen instead)
-The game shows an odd arrow symbol instead of the E key when near something you can interact with
-Browsing shops (need to click the scroll button before using the keyboard to browse up and down, can't switch sections with arrow keys)
-Can’t click a location on the world map to center on it and enable fast travel
-Game goes back to the top of the moves list after mapping an action to a new key
-Can’t zoom in/out on the map screen

-Less invisible walls where possible, and added climbable ledges where it doesn't break things
-More even potion distribution (very few in Psychameron for example)
-Removed fast travel block from the few dungeons that have it (the scar)
-Faster stone golem and dead soul movement, faster ceiling climbing (vines)
-Fixed wall climbing inconsistencies (for example the four floor elevator puzzle in the kingdom of the dead where you should be able to jump onto a wooden ledge as the elevator is moving but can’t, or slopes where you sometimes can walk and sometimes can't)
-Wider vertical aiming in aiming mode if possible (can look almost straight up in default mode) sometimes this limit is used for puzzles?
-Better wall jump control for added sequence breaking and more dynamic platforming, and perhaps make it possible to teleport dash off ledges (currently can be used to cross some pits but the distance is halved if there's no enemy to hit)

Bugs that could be fixed:
-Hit detection bug in the guardian boss fight (can get stuck inside its foot)
-Enemies sometimes get stuck in retreat mode (they can't be damaged in this mode)
Post edited March 20, 2018 by ResidentLeever