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I got the quest from Draven to kill the bloodless and immedatly went to the bloodless location west of the bridge in the land of the dead. I made it deadder. The one in iirc desposed kings tomb went down next. progress: Forgelands 0/3 Dead lands 2/3.

so far so good I ghought as I went to the tree of death to go after the bloodless in the forge lands.

Killed the one in the general vicinaty of blackroot, the one that you need the death grip to make it up the wall to get to. Progress Forgelanss1/3 Kingdom of the dead: 2/3. Next stop was the giant clearing where you fight the guardian. Progress: forgelands 2/3 deadlands 2/3.

Here is where the problem hits. I went to the eastern most bloodless location and begain killing it. As I flipped back out of it's attack the counterattack went off and killed it. But I did not get credit for the kill. It died, but I did not get quest progression, still 2/3 forgelands and 2/3 kingdom of the dead. Thinking that if I quit and restarted it would update the quest, or at least respwan the bloodless, I quit to menu and got back in. No change in quest progression, now bloodless to (re)kill.

At the end of my gaming time anyways I quit out and went to do other stuff. When I fired up DS2 again I noticed that the quest count was 3/3 forgelands so i thought "Great it updated" untill I noticed that the deadlands count was now 1/3. The thought occured to me that it was just a display bug so I kept playing.

Got the Soul Splitter earlier and went after the final one in the deadlands. Quest count: forgelands 3/3 kingdom of the dead 2/3. However... I cannot turn that quest into draven, I tried talking to him but the option did not show up. I went and rechecked the bloodless locations just now, they are not there.

So here I am with credit for 5 of the kills needed, but having killed all six. Definatly bugged, so what do I do now?