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As you know, or are just now going to learn, Deathinitive Edition retired the mailing system and redesigned loot, be it the place you can acquire the items previously mailed from start, or their stats and them scaling with your level! The game wiki has already been updated with detailed info on how you can get ANY and EVERY item! Rejoice!

1) [url=][/url]

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In Weapons tab there is a weapon from Argul's Tomb DLC that is not displayed in Gear tab. In Gear tab there are armor sets and talismans, too.

Keep in mind that items that had been unobtainable before, like the limited time offer for CROW ARMOR and the Darksider 1 items found in 2 (pauldron and scythe) are now restored, in the Deathinitive Edition! Have fun!


To access the DLC *Campaigns*, you have to beat in-game bosses and reach certain areas. Samael, The City of the Dead boss Wailing Host and the Corrupted Archon.
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