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Hi, So the problem is that when trying to play this game with 8bitdo controller (FC30 PRO) The mapping is not complete. So some actions are missing on controller. Is it possible to manually map inputs ingame?

Also i have 8bitdo XPad App (Can be downloaded on 8bitdo website) installed so i can use the Xinput on these controllers.
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I don't have your type of gamepad, but mainly they all share the same firmware, so I suppose I can add my experience.

I found out that most of the time, as weird as it could be, the Switch mode seems the most compatible for the games and OSes around...

I had many Windows games that even with x-input were recognising buttons in the wrong way, and maybe in d-input they were missing some of them... while with Switch mode, damn, all working right, without even the need to configure them !!