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I have Darksiders on steam (played it on XP) and have no need for GOG version, finished this game long time ago...
...but my friend bought it on GOG and was mad why it did not work on his Windows 7 machine... I checked and noticed that GOG installer installs MS Visual C++ 2005 runtime BUT this GOG version exe is compiled with newer C++! 2005 is infact obsolete here (it is needed for Steam version) and version required for GOG compiled Darksiders is MS Visual C++ 2012. Most people did not notice this because they had VC 2012 already installed on their computers. I put VC++ 2012 SP4 on my friend PC and game worked right away. Maybe this will also solve problem with runing GOG version on XP..?..did not test that, just trying to help...

Strange. I don't have the vc 2012 on my machine and the game runs fine.