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Changelog for Patch #1 (added 04 December 2018):


We have the first patch ready for you.Here is the complete list of fixes:

* Multiple improvements to help performance and loading. Performance improvements should also significantly reduce stuttering in high-density areas.
* Updated Story mode to be more forgiving.
* Adjusted invulnerability windows across all difficulties. The windows are consistent on Balanced, Challenging and Apocalyptic and even more significant on easy.
* Modified hit indicators for better readability.
* Added version number on the main menu.

* Added FOV scaling to keep correct FOV on 21:9 monitors.
* Fixed various crash issues.
* Added Force Respawn functionality. This option is available in the game options menu. It will kill Fury and return her to the last Vulgrim Waypoint that you visited. This option is a last resort to be used if you think you are stuck in an area for whatever reason.
* Added functionality on Force respawn that will force the hollows to re-equip to Fury. This is for the issue where Fury’s hollow abilities appear to have stopped working.
* Fix for issue where Force blocks were getting stuck in Scar. If you have encountered this issue, it should destroy the stuck block, and if you come back to the area, it will reload the block in the correct starting area.
* Fix for issue where certain stacked breakables wouldn’t break in Bonelands.
* Fix for issue that would break Gluttony fight. Fix should also fix saves that had this issue.
* Fixed multiple issues where players can get Fury into unintended locations or unintended locations without expected Hollows (in some cases Force Respawn may need to be used).
* Reduced Fafnir enhancement’s damage output.

Enjoy and keep the feedback coming. The easiest to track feedback and reports is our tracker here:
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Changelog for Patch #2 (added 21 December 2018):

* Added new option for Combat. Upon loading a save or starting a new game, players will be prompted to choose between “Default” and “Classic” combat. “Classic” mode should feel more like previous Darksiders titles allowing Fury to dodge interrupt her attacks as well use items instantly. “Default” mode is the original combat mode for Darksiders III. The option can be changed at any point in gameplay options while playing. This has no other effects on difficulty or achievements.
* Improved ledge grab detection on Fury so she can more consistently grab ledges.
* Additional optimizations to help stuttering while streaming.
* Added “Health Lurcher” item to Vulgrim that allows player to purchase refills for Nephilim’s Respite .
* Added “Echo Mark” item to Vulgrim that allows player to refund their spent attribute points.
* Added a few new checkpoints.
* Raised the level cap to 200. Also, rebalanced leveling curve post level 80 as well as stat rewards..

* Fixes for random crashes
* General performance improvements.
* Fix for Force Coral where it wouldn’t break correctly. This will also fix previous saves with this issue.
* Fix for some checkpoints that weren’t registering.
* Cycling difficulty options while in game will not affect actual difficulty unless it is changed.
* Fix for Abraxis Health bar showing up but he is missing.

Balance Changes:
* Fury will no longer take damage while performing an Arcane Counters.
* Havoc Form does more Damage.
* Increased Havoc Generation on Obscurus Enhancement.
* Increased Health and Damage amounts on Fortifier Enhancement.
* Increased Health Regeneration on Leviathan Enhancement.
* Increased Lurcher Reward from destroying breakables on Leviathan Enhancement.
* Increased Chance to Spawn Wrath when killing an Enemy on Rage Enhancement.

Enjoy and keep the feedback coming. The easiest to track feedback and reports is our tracker here:
Changelog for Patch #4 - 1.31 (added 11 April 2019):

Introducing Armageddon Mode
Armageddon is Darksiders 3 new game plus mode. There are 9 levels of Armageddon, completing one unlocks the next level. With each new level of Armageddon, the difficulty increases, new items will begin to drop, and new encounters begin to appear. Items and their upgrade levels carry over, however the weapons must be reacquired through natural . Weapon levels are maintained, but still locked behind acquiring them via in game events. All DLC progression will be reset upon starting a new Armageddon Mode, and must be unlocked again naturally in the new playthrough. All rewards and tokens will carry over into the new game.

Armageddon Mode Features:
* Armageddon mode goes up to +9: once that has been completed players will be able to continually play that level over and over again.
* Upgrade Armor: Oblivion Ore can now be found on specific enemies. Turning these Shards into Ulthane will allow any armor in the game to be upgraded.
* Wisdom Shards: These Shards can be found in Armageddon mode. Shattering these shards will temporarily boost the souls collected from defeated enemies.
* New Encounters: New encounters and a new enemy have been added to Armageddon Modes.
* New Achievements and Trophies: 3 new achievements have been added related to Armageddon Mode.
* New Lurcher Clusters: Unique items that were collected in a previous playthroughs are replaced with large lurcher crystals.

New General Features:
* Reckoning Difficulty: Darksiders 3 Apocalyptic Difficulty too easy? A new difficulty has been added where Fury’s dodge windows are smaller, the enemies hit harder and can withstand more damage.
* Arcane Shard: A new item that will temporarily boost Arcane Damage that will drop from enemies and can be purchased from Vulgrim.
* Large Healing Shard: A Larger Healing shard has been added that will drop from enemies and can be purchased from Vulgrim.
* Weapon Upgrades: Weapons can now be upgraded to +13
* Spend 5 Attribute Points at a Time: If the points are available, players can invest 5 points at a time into a single Attribute.
* Hide HUD: There is now an option for hiding the HUD.
* Flip Y-Axis: Option added to flip Horizontal Camera Axis

* Enoch: Enoch’s Active Trait has been completely changed. Enoch will give bonus Damage when Fury is at Full Health. The values have been adjusted accordingly for this damage bonus.
* Fortune: Raised the Lurchers received upon killing an enemy value across all levels. Increased Potency Increase for Consumables across all levels. Fixed bug with not all consumables working correctly with this enhancement.
* Fafnir: Fafnir’s Active trait has been capped at 40% damage bonus.
* Marauder: Fixed an issue with how Loot Drops were calculated, Enhancement should yield more loot drops. Note: Not all enemies can drop loot.
* Level Cap raised to 300: Along with this, the rewards per level have been increased to keep up with Armageddon’s Increasing difficulty.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed issue with indestructible box in Bonelands.
* Fixed various creature issues.
* Fixed issue where Fury would take Damage from Gluttony’s Acid Pool even if she wasn’t in it.
* Fixed issue where Respite upgrades were missing for some players.
* Fixed issue with DLC Achievements incorrectly triggering BFA to unlock.