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Hi. I bought the first Darksiders (Warmastered) on the last sale, and I'll try to beat the game until the next time DS2 gets on sale. But I see a lot of reviews regarding bugs, some saying they have been fixed but others (even more recent ones) saying that still broken. I wish to know: is DS2: Deathinitive Edtion fixed nowdays or there still bugs?
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The only thing that was really fixed as far as I'm aware is the missing button prompts for controllers. I'm still experience some bad optimization that is botching performance (my computer can barely running despite meeting recommended requirements, even on the lowest settings and resolution) and some users here have reported the major gamebreaking bugs in this re-release haven't been fixed still. If only KAIKO could take the Deathinitive Edition and fix it unlike the team at Gunfire Studios since they've done a better remaster with the first Darksiders.